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Exhibit at SPIE Photonics West, BiOS Expo, and Quantum West Expo

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Three major exhibitions in 2024

SPIE Photonics West and the BiOS Expo are the premier photonics, biomedical optics, and laser events. Plus, new this year, SPIE Quantum West Expo extends the opportunity for business growth. Start the year off right by reconnecting with customers, clients, and prospects in San Francisco.

BiOS Expo 27—28 January 2024
Quantum West Expo 30—31 January 2024
Photonics West Exhibition 30 January—1 February 2024

An exhibitors explains and demonstrates his product to interested attendees

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NEW in 2024: Pre-built turnkey display options

Now offering kiosks and mini booth displays that are ready the moment you arrive. Kiosks and mini booths may purchased on their own or they can be added to previously purchased 10 x 10 or larger booth spaces to extend your company's presence at any of the exhibits. 

Save on costs, all inclusive*

  • Set up, dismantle, and drayage are all included in cost

*Additional fees related to facility shipping and drayage for products and marketing materials may still apply.

Make this easy on your exhibit team—potentially reduced travel time and expenses

  • Arrive: your display will be fully installed
  • Departure: walk away without dismantling your display

Gain a fresh look

  • Professional design
  • Showcase your brand

See conceptual photos below. Download a PDF sheet with more information about reserving and ordering turnkey kiosks and mini booths at an SPIE event.           

Download a PDF contract to purchase a kiosk or mini booth for the respective exhibit:

exhibitor kiosk

Kiosk, 8' h × 3' w

• backwall with fabric graphics on front
• lockable cabinet, stool, carpeting, wastebasket
• electricity (5 amp)
• installation and dismantle

exhibitor mini booths

Mini Booth, 8' h × 6.5' w × 5' d

• backwall with fabric graphics on front
• lockable cabinet, stool, carpeting, wastebasket
• electricity (5 amp)
• installation and dismantle

It’s a buyer-rich environment for the optics and photonics industry

Connect with these focused professionals

  • Engineers and designers
  • Corporate managers
  • Application and product developers
  • Standards developers
  • Two men shake hands while on the exhibition floor at SPIE Photonics West

    Download the exhibitor prospectus

    Adobe PDF icon BiOS 2024 Prospectus BiOS 2024 Prospectus ...
    Adobe PDF icon Photonics West Prospectus Photonics West Prospectus ...

    It's global

    More than 20,000 people from around the world attend SPIE Photonics West each year.* Share your latest product launches, innovations, and initiatives to this audience.

    Map of global attendance of SPIE Photonics West

    It's good business

    Attendance by job functions: More than half of total attendance is made up of R&D, project development, and other decision-maker job functions.*

    Pie chart of job functions for attendees of SPIE Photonics West

    *Based on historical data

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    Add visibility to your event presence

    Featured technologies

    Photonics West technologies:

    • Lasers and other light sources
    • Laser accessories, laser systems
    • Cameras and CCD components
    • Fiber optic components, equipment, systems
    • Optical components
    • Communications
    • Optical detectors
    • High speed imaging and sensing
    • Optical materials and substrates
    • IR sources and detectors
    • Electronic imaging components
    • Optical coatings
    • Lenses and filters
    • Positions and mounts

    BiOS technologies:

    • Biomedical, medical imaging, health care
    • Cameras and imaging systems
    • Chemical and biological analysis
    • Detectors, sensors
    • Laser components and accessories
    • Lasers and systems
    • LED, OLED, non-laser light sources
    • Machine vision, factory automation
    • Materials processing, lasers in manufacturing
    • Optical coatings, thin films
    • Optical components
    • Spectroscopy devices and equipment
    • Test and measurement, metrology

    NEW in 2024 - SPIE Quantum West Expo

    Gain insights and partnerships at an exhibition featuring products and technology from companies that provide hardware enabling the new quantum reality. Join organizations working to bring Quantum 2.0 applications to market. The exhibition includes:

    • Laser systems
    • Optical subsystems
    • Optical components including polarizers, beam splitters, resonators
    • Cameras and detectors
    • Single photon sources
    • Frequency combs
    • Vacuum systems
    • Cryogenic components
    • Atom traps
    • Ion traps
    • Quantum materials
    • Quantum devices
    • Mounting and positioning systems and hardware
    • Simulation and modeling software
    • Quantum communications
    • Quantum key distribution and cryptography
    • Quantum computing
    • Sensing and imaging
    • Precision metrology and timing systems

    Contact SPIE Sales for exhibition and sponsorship opportunities

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    Kim Abair
    (North America)

    Tel: +1 360 685 5499

    Lacey Barnett

    Lacey Barnett
    (North America)

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    Melissa Valum
    (North America)

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    Laurence Devereux

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