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Become a sponsor at Photonics West and BiOS Expo

Drive traffic to your booth with highly visible placements.

Gain visibility

As a leader in your community, make sure your company gains recognition for your support of the industry and drive traffic to your booth. Talk to the SPIE sales team to determine which opportunities best meet your promotional goals.

SPIE Sales
Email: spiesales@spie.org

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Ensure big visibility onsite

Keep your business top of mind with prominent placement

Share your message in the biggest ways possible–meter boards, special events room or charging station signage, column wrap billboards, larger-than-life banners of varying sizes, floor graphics, stairway strips, and more options available throughout the event setting. This is a great opportunity to drive attendees to your booth.

Sponsor banners: Keep your business top of mind with prominent placement at the event

Lots of opportunities to be seen onsite. Call for full details.

Options for visibility in a big way
Aisle signs, banners, meters, floor graphics $950 +
Meter board $3450 - $4850
Exhibition map $2050
WI-FI $6200 +
Digital signage, various locations $4850 +
Stairway strips, escalator panels $4900 +
Floor graphics $4150 +

Contact us to learn about all available options | sales@spie.org | Tel: +1 360 676 3290

400,000 visitors hit the PW website in the weeks leading up to the event.

Options for online visibility - spie.org/pw
Website banners $1500 - $7,000
Logo placement, specific pages $3500 +
Conference page logo placements $3,300 - $8,550
SPIE conference app $4950 +

Let one of our knowledgeable representatives walk you through all the options: sales@spie.org

SPIE contact information

SPIE Sales
Email: spiesales@spie.org
Tel: +1 360 676 3290
Fax: +1 360 647 1445

Sponsorships: spiesales@spie.org