SPIE Quantum West conferences

Showcasing the future of applied quantum technologies

Quantum applications: current and future

  • Quantum information systems
  • Quantum communications
  • Quantum computing and simulation
  • Quantum sensing, imaging, and timing systems
  • Enabling materials, devices and techniques
  • NEW this year: Quantum Biology

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Quantum science has made great strides in both providing a deeper understanding of nature and enabling innovative technologies. We are now approaching the exciting possibilities of “Quantum 2.0,” a technology revolution that embraces such phenomena as quantum superposition and entanglement to solve entirely new challenges and provide unique capabilities in large-scale systems. Realizing this potential will require overcoming the hurdles and building the infrastructure necessary to bring promising technology from research through prototype development to achieve robust commercial product solutions.

Quantum West will highlight the future of applied quantum technologies and will provide a forum that addresses the interests of researchers, engineers, tech companies, investors, and governments—all contributors that can bring about a quantum-enabled future.

Plan to attend in January 2024.