New for 2023 - Quantum West conferences

Showcasing the future of applied quantum technologies

Quantum Applications: Current and Future

• Quantum information systems
• Quantum communications
• Quantum computing and simulation
• Quantum sensing, imaging, and timing systems
• Enabling materials, devices and techniques

Quantum science has made great strides in both providing a deeper understanding of nature and enabling new technologies. We are now approaching the exciting possibilities of “quantum 2.0,” a technology revolution that embraces such phenomena as quantum superposition and entanglement to solve entirely new challenges and provide unique capabilities in large-scale systems. Realizing this potential will require overcoming the hurdles and building the infrastructure necessary to bring a promising technology from research through prototype development to achieve robust commercial product solutions. 

Quantum West will showcase the future of applied quantum technologies and will provide a forum that addresses the interests of researchers, engineers, tech companies, investors, and governments—all contributors that can bring about a quantum-enabled future.

The call for papers is open. Plan to be part of the quantum 2.0 revolution by submitting your abstract and plan to attend in January 2023.