Biophotonics Focus: AI/ML/DL Plenary | 7 PM
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SPIE Photonics West application tracks

Presentations on five focused topics: AI/ML, Net Zero, brain function, translational research, 3D printing

What is an application track?

A search by key words pertaining to the application tracks lists presentations on related topics so participants can identify presentations in their area of interest.

Find links to the applicable presentations for each application track below.

Attendees gather to hear specific topical research found in the application track listing online

Five applications tracks to explore


Papers that showcase the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to create and implement intelligent systems across multiple sectors, technologies, and applications.

Net Zero

As international governments set aggressive targets for achieving net zero energy consumption, waste, and carbon emissions, optics and photonics will be key to the success of those goals.

Brain function

An opportunity to share papers describing the development of innovative technologies that will increase our understanding of brain function.

Translational research

Featuring the latest photonics technologies, tools, and techniques with high potential to impact healthcare should select this track for consideration.

3D printing

Showcasing innovative ways to apply this multidimensional technology, as used across multidisciplinary applications.