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Present your research at an SPIE conference and reach your community:

• Select from 350 SPIE conferences on optics and photonics worldwide
• Connect with other researchers and industry representatives
• Share your research, results, and ideas
• Develop relationships with potential collaborators, employers, and funders
• Expand your knowledge in related fields of research

Publish your research in the conference Proceedings:

• Proceedings are published in the SPIE Digital Library which features more than 600,000 publications in optics and photonics
• Make your presentation available to those who heard your work and want to contact you, missed your presentationand want to learn about your research, or are seeking to understand your research more fully
• Disseminate your research in a form that suits your needs
• Proceedings of SPIE are published promptly, indexed, easily found, cited, and available to researchers worldwide

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In addition to being available for view and download on the SPIE Digital Library, Proceedings of SPIE can also be purchased as a printed book or as a PDF download on SPIE.org.

Get access to SPIE conference proceedings for yourself or your entire organization with an SPIE Digital Library subscription.

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SPIE Conference Content Services

In addition to proceedings of SPIE-sponsored conferences, SPIE provides publishing services to other organizations that hold conferences relevant to optics and photonics.

Take advantage of SPIE publishing and content management expertise to produce and distribute the proceedings for your high-quality conference on topics related to optics, photonics, and imaging.

If you are organizing a conference that is a good fit with SPIE’s programs, discuss with SPIE how we may support you in the critical processes of content submission, selection, publication, and dissemination.

Learn more about SPIE Conference Content Services.