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This community does outstanding work. We gathered in Montréal, Québec, Canada for SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation, the most valuable technical event for ground-based, airborne, and space-based telescopes, and their supporting instrumentation. With a strong program and an incredibly dedicated community, this event allowed researchers and engineers to share advancements, discoveries, challenges, and project updates with colleagues from around the world.

Save the dates to attend in Yokohama, Japan: 15-20 June 2024

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View highlights from the 2022 event

In case you missed it or you want to live it all over again, see highlights from the 2022 event, including plenary videos about the JWST plenary updates, photos from special events, and the faces of friends and colleagues that made this such an oustanding event.

Five days of outstanding plenary speakers

Solange Ramirez, Carnegie Observatories (USA)

Solange Ramirez

Carnegie Observatories (USA)

Robert Smith, Univ. of Alberta (Canada)

Robert Smith

Univ. of Alberta (Canada)

Jonathan Gardner, NASA Goddard Space Flight Ctr. (United States)

Jonathan Gardner

NASA Goddard Space Flight Ctr. (United States)

Swara Ravindranath , Space Telescope Science Institute (United States)

Swara Ravindranath

Space Telescope Science Institute (United States)

Peter Predehl, Max Planck Institut (Germany)

Peter Predehl

Max Planck Institut (Germany)

Erika Hamden, The Univ. of Arizona (USA)

Erika Hamden

The Univ. of Arizona (USA)

Mario Perez, NASA Headquarters (United States)

Mario Perez

NASA Headquarters (United States)

Cynthia Froning, The Univ. of Texas at Austin (USA)

Cynthia Froning

The Univ. of Texas at Austin (USA)

Technical conferences with thousands of papers and presentations

Telescopes and systems part of the Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation program

Telescopes and systems

  • Optical, infrared, and millimeter wave
  • Ultraviolet to gamma ray
  • Ground-based and airborne telescopes and instrumentation
  • Optical and infrared interferometry and imaging
  • Adaptive optics systems
  • Observatory operations: strategies, processes, and systems
  • Modeling, systems engineering, and project management for astronomy

Technology advancements discussed in the SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation program

Technology advancements

  • Advances in optical and mechanical technologies for telescopes and instrumentation
  • Software and cyberinfrastructure for astronomy
  • Millimeter, submillimeter, and far-infrared detectors and instrumentation for astronomy
  • High energy, optical, and infrared detectors for astronomy

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The Exhibition: A unique and valuable opportunity

Explore the offerings from top companies all in one location, discover new capabilities and innovative products, and make important connections to move your projects forward.

Take a course

Meet instructors, learn from experts, and connect with peers

Join us onsite in Québec for live instruction. Take advantage of this great opportunity to meet face-to-face with an expert instructor and a group of people with similar goals and challenges. Topics addressed in courses include Systems Engineering, Modern Optical Testing, NIR Spectrograph Design, and more.

Make progress, learn, share, collaborate

Visit the SPIE Community Lounge

Join us for daily workshops related to building equity, diversity, and inclusion within our community, as well as afternoon meetups and networking events throughout the week.

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