SPIE Press proposal guidelines

Author reviewing an SPIE Press book proposal

Prospective authors should compile a formal proposal that includes the following:

1. A table of contents (or chapter topics and authors for a multi-author work)

a. This is the most important aspect of the proposal
b. Please include the title of the book
c. Please list all sections and subsections to highlight all covered topics

2. A technical description of the project (roughly 3 paragraphs)

a. A brief description of the book
b. Who is the target audience for the book (what industries or academic disciplines)?
c. What is the proposed book’s relevance to the field?
d. What are any competing titles?

3. Résumés or curriculum vitae for all authors

Ready to submit a proposal? Please use the online form for Field Guides, Monographs, and Tutorial Texts, and this submission form for Spotlights.

All submissions will undergo a peer review process, and we will make every effort to contact authors with the results in a timely manner.

*Please note that we are no longer accepting proposals for the Milestone Series.

Questions? Contact Matt Jungwirth (MattJ2@spie.org), SPIE Manager of Technical Content & Scientific Publishing.