SPIE Security + Defence

The leading European conference for optical sciences for security and defence systems

About Security + Defence

It is the premier European conference for engineers and scientists using sensors and photonics to advance the fields of security, defence, and counterterrorism.

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SPIE Security + Defence is the leading international conference for engineers and scientists involved in the latest developments in sensing, data and signal analysis, optronics, quantum science, optical technologies, and funding programmes. 

Security + Defence conference topics

• Target and Background Signatures VIII
• Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications and Electro-optical Remote Sensing XVI
• Electro-Optical Remote Sensing XV
• Technologies for Optical Countermeasures XIX
• High Power Lasers: Technology and Systems, Platforms, Effects VI
• Millimetre Wave and Terahertz Sensors and Technology XIV 
• Emerging Imaging and Sensing Technologies for Security and Defence VII
• Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Micro- and Nanosystems in Security and Defence IV
• Optical Materials and Biomaterials in Security and Defence Systems Technology XVII
• Quantum Technologies and Quantum Information Science VI
• Counterterrorism, Crime Fighting, Forensics, and Surveillance Technologies VI
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Defence Applications IV

SPIE Security + Defence 2023 Symposium Chair

Ric Schleijpen

2023 Symposium Chair
TNO Defence, Security and Safety (Netherlands)