26 - 29 June 2023
Munich, Germany

Onsite services for SPIE Optical Metrology

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Attendees at SPIE Optical Metrology

Registration and badge pickup hours

Location: ICM Foyer West

Sunday 25 June 7:30–17:30
Monday 26 June 7:30–17:00
Tuesday 27 June 08:00–17:00
Wednesday 28 June 08:30–17:00
Thursday 29 June 08:30–16:30

Helpful information while at the event

SPIE Cashier

Location: SPIE Registration desk
Open during registration hours
Registration Payments
If you are planning to register onsite, your credit card payment will be processed during registration. If you wish to pay with cash, register at the "Need to Register" stations, and you will be directed to the Cashier once you are ready to make the final payment.
If you have already registered and wish to add a course, workshop or special event, you may do this online by signing in to your SPIE account.
Receipt and Certificate of Attendance
Preregistered attendees who need an SPIE-stamped receipt or attendees who need a Certificate of Attendance may obtain those at the Cashier.
Badge Corrections
Badge corrections can be made at the Cashier. Please have your badge removed from the badge holder and marked with your changes before approaching the counter.

Speaker Check-in and Preview Station 

Monday-Thursday, 08:00–17:00
All conference rooms have a computer workstation, projector, screen, lapel microphone, and laser pointer. All presenters are requested to come to Speaker Check-In with their memory devices or laptops to confirm their presentation display settings. The local AV supplier Neumann & Müller will assist you.
SPIE will record the audio plus screen content of all presentations; Recordings will be published on the SPIE Digital Library with author permission only.

SPIE Conference App and event information

This useful tool allows you to search and browse the program, special events, participants, exhibitors, courses, and more. It is free and available for iPhone and Android phones. If you don't already have the app you can download it here: Download the SPIE App

Internet access

Location: ICM Foyer areas
Complimentary wireless internet access will be available; connection speed depends on the number of users. Please read the SPIE Wireless Service Policy.

SPIE Course materials

Location: SPIE Registration Desk, Entrance West
SPIE Courses materials can be picked up at the registration desk during registration hours.

Luggage and coat check
Location: Foyer West, Level 1
Open during registration hours
Luggage, packages, and coat stoarage are available against charge. Please note opening hours.

Business Centre
Location: ICM Foyer
Open during registration hours
Services include copying, and, printing services at cost.

Riem Arcaden Shopping Centre amenities and services
The nearby Riem Arcaden Shopping centre is situated on the other side of the Messe West underground station and has a multitude of shops and services such as First Aid, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, post office, charging stations. Core opening hours are 10:00 - 20:00 hrs. https://www.riemarcaden.de/en

Urgent message line
Messages for attendees can be left by calling +44 29 2089 4747. Message will be taken during registration hours Monday – Thursday. It is the attendees’ responsibility to check the message board on a regular basis.

Lost and Found 

Location: SPIE Cashier
Found items will be kept at the SPIE Cashier in the Registration area during the meeting and available only during registration hours. After hours, Lost and Found will be given to the facility's security service.

Covid Testing

The nearest COVID testing facility is at:
Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)
Schützenstrasse 8
D-80335 München
Email: service (at) coronatest.de
Cost ranges from EU 50 - EU 100 depending on type and urgency of test.

Food and beverage services

Coffee breaks
Location: ICM Foyers

Complimentary Coffee will be served twice daily at the times indicated in the programme. Check individual listings for eact times and locations.
Food and refreshments for purchase
The ICM has three permanent food-service operations in the foyer area: the ICM Bistro, ICM Bar, and ICM Café where guests can purchase food.

There is also the Am See restaurant located on the first floor above the registration in Entrance West. In good weather, a beer garden is operated in the courtyard between Halls A and C.
There are also a number of bars and restaurants located in the surrounding hotels as well as the Riem Arcaden shopping centre on the other side of the underground station Messestadt West.


Places to eat and drink in Munich:

Close to the Messe, there are restaurants in the Riem Arcaden area.

Furthermore, there are a host of restaurants in the city. Attendees are advised to use a site such as Trip Advisor to narrow down choices in their preferred area.