Health and safety for SPIE Sensors + Imaging

We are monitoring the situation and will keep this page updated. Last update: 18 August 2022

Together, we can ensure a safe and successful event

SPIE Sensors + Imaging will safely bring the community together in September 2022. Based on rules from national and local authorities, we will take guidance that provides the most safety for our attendees.

Requirements may change so please check back as the event approaches.

Attendee wearing a mask as a Covid precaution

The wearing of a mask is recommended but optional at SPIE Sensors + Imaging 2022

SPIE and our event partners aim to provide a safe event for all attendees. All event participants are expected to understand and follow the safe event requirements outlined below.

SPIE requests that attendees are fully vaccinated as defined by their country of origin, or recovered from COVID and have a negative test. Please be prepared to show the relevant document.

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SPIE safe meeting protocols 

This page reflects current rules and expectations and will be kept up to date as any requirements change.

  • SPIE will follow the latest published requirements and safe gathering protocols established in the location where each event occurs
  • Among national, state, local, or facility-specific rules or recommendations SPIE will abide by the current mandates of the local government and venue
  • Rules may change if local, state, or federal rules change prior to or during an event

What to expect at SPIE Sensors + Imaging

In Berlin, that means neither mask nor test obligations will be required. Wearing a mask is an individual choice. For city-specific rules; source:

  • All staff are vaccinated
  • Sanitation measures will be implemented throughout the event
  • FFP2 Masks and hand sanitizer will be widely available.

These groups of people are considered to be fully vaccinated or recovered:

  • Fully immunized persons. Until the end of September 20, 2022, two vaccinations are required for this purpose. As of October 01, persons will only be considered fully vaccinated if they have received three vaccine doses whereby the final vaccination for basic immunization against the coronavirus took place at least three months after the previous vaccination.. The corresponding vaccination certificate must be submitted in digital or paper form. Vaccination certificates issued in the European Union (EU) and outside the EU are accepted provided that the vaccine is recognized by the EU. Persons who have been vaccinated outside the EU can apply for an approved vaccination certificate by presenting their vaccination documents to the relevant authorities.
  • Persons who have recently recovered from Covid-19. Evidence of this is a positive PCR test that was performed at least 28 days and no more than 3 months (90 days) ago. These people are considered to be recovered.
  • People who have had Covid-19 and have had at least one vaccination. This includes people who received a vaccine dose before they became ill and people who were vaccinated against coronavirus at least once after they became infected. In this case, both a positive test (PCR test) and proof of vaccination in digital or paper form serve as evidence. The test must be at least 28 days old. Persons for whom the above applies are considered fully vaccinated until September 30, 2022. From October 01, 2022, recovered persons will be considered fully vaccinated if they can prove that they have received two doses of vaccination against coronavirus in addition to having recovered from a Covid-19 infection.
  • Persons who have a specific positive antibody test which was performed prior to them being vaccinated and have received one vaccine dose are also considered fully vaccinated until September 30, 2022. From October 01, they must have received two doses of vaccine to be considered fully vaccinated.
  • Fully vaccinated persons who have received a booster vaccination are considered to be boostered until September 30, 2022. From October 01, they are considered to be fully vaccinated.

How we can all help

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Respect the personal space and comfort level of others (note that individual comfort levels will vary, and some people may prefer touchless greetings or elbow bumps instead of handshakes)
  • Do not attend if you are not feeling well
  • Keep up to date with prevention measures taken by the Berlin Senate
  • Download the Corona-Warn-App, the official contract tracing app in Germany.


For information on traveling, please visit the Hotel and Travel page


What to expect in Berlin

The Senate of the City of Berlin has put in place basic protection measures for the city which all residents and visitors must follow. Visitors are encouraged to download the Corona Warning App, which is available in your phone providers’ app store as well as an open-source resource. If a warning has registered on the Corona warning app attendees can purchase a test at a certified testing site on the same day. To find the testing site closest to the venue, enter the ESTREL’s postcode 12057.