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SPIE Community at Medical Imaging

Learn about resources and events that support equitable and inclusive environments in medical imaging

Welcome to the community

Join us as we continue to learn how diversity drives success on global collaborations - or just relax and recharge between sessions. Check out some of the featured events happening in the Lounge.

The lounge is open to all attendees.

The SPIE Community Lounge welcomes you

Visit the SPIE Community Lounge to attend networking and professional development events.

Open to all attendees during registration hours from Monday through Thursday. Visit often!

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Family care while attending the meeting

SPIE believes that individuals with significant caregiving responsibilities should have an equal opportunity to share their research and participate in conferences and symposia.

SPIE Family Care Grants are designed to supplement caregiving costs incurred by SPIE Members who are registered to attend an SPIE meeting, either in person or virtually. See hotel details in the reservation system to find hotels that offer onsite childcare. 

Find information and apply for an SPIE Family Care Grant

Recent progress. Ongoing efforts. More room for improvement.

Women in Optics began in 1998, and its story is far from over.

  • 50% of the SPIE Board and 43.7% of Standing Committee roles are now filled by women
  • 17% of SPIE Senior Members and 12.2% of SPIE Fellows are female
  • In 2023, 22% of our Society Award recipients were women
  • You can help! Nominate yourself or other women for the Women in Optics notebook, SPIE Senior Members, SPIE Fellows, and SPIE Society Awards. Elevate women to leadership roles within the Society and feature them as event speakers. Together. We can.

A woman in conversation with a colleague at SPIE Medical Imaging

Advocacy and accommodations

All in-person SPIE meetings now have:
o Quiet room (prayer, decompression, meditation)
o Privacy room for nursing mothers
o Gender neutral restrooms whenever possible
o Anti-harassment signage and policies co-sponsored with Optica

Learn about SPIE Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

SPIE believes in the development of collaborative environments that value participation from individuals with different ideas and perspectives. Because diversity drives success on global collaborations, this unity of brilliant scientific minds leads other STEM fields in seeking more diversity. There is always work to be done and improvements that can be made. Find resources and events here to advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Diversity tools and tips