7 - 10 October 2024
San Ramon, California, US

Join us in California to learn about the latest insights and breakthroughs

Your participation is important and valuable for this incredible event—the specialized meeting for laser damage materials and thin films used with high-power, high-energy lasers. Gather with the community to hear the latest advances in durability, properties modeling, testing, and component fabrication. Come share the spontaneous ideas that only happen when we gather in person.

Chairs will accept post-deadline abstract submissions through 19 August to approve at their discretion.

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See the lineup of speakers

Hear from world-class speakers, and take a closer look at the research shared at this meeting.

Laser Damage Competition and NIF Tour

Laser Damage Competition

A double-blind laser damage competition will be held to determine the current laser damage resistance of 1030-nm, normal incidence multilayer mirrors in the femtosecond pulse regime. The results will be shared at SPIE Laser Damage 2024. While the deadline for sending sample entries has passed, we look forward to sharing results onsite.

Tours available for participants with site approval

Transportation is included to the tour happening 7 October 2024. Subject to site access approval. Please read requirements carefully and allow enough time for approval.
Deadline to register for waitlist is 12 July 2024.

SPIE would like to acknowledge and thank the National Ignition Facility for the use of their images in promotional emails and on the event website.

Thank you to our event sponsors and cooperating organizations

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Event Co-sponsor


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