Health and safety for SPIE Photonics Europe

We are actively tracking the latest news and guidance and will continue to monitor and adjust our plans and health protocols as necessary. Last update: 31 March 2022

Together, we can ensure a safe and successful event

Based on rules from federal and local authorities, proof of COVID-19 vaccination and the wearing of masks is recommended for all participants. SPIE looks forward to safely bringing the community together in April 2022.

Requirements may change so please check back as the event approaches.

Planning for a safe and successful Photonics Europe

Full vaccination required and wearing a mask is recommended for everyone at Photonics Europe 2022

SPIE and our event partners aim to provide a safe event for all attendees. All event participants are expected to understand and follow the safe event requirements outlined below.

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SPIE safe meeting protocols 

This page reflects current rules and expectations and will be kept up to date as any requirements change.

  • SPIE will follow the latest published requirements and safe gathering protocols established in the location where each event occurs
  • Among national, state, local, or facility-specific rules or recommendations SPIE will abide by the current mandates of the local government and venue
  • Rules may change if local, state, or federal rules change prior to or during an event

What to expect at SPIE Photonics Europe

In Strasbourg, proof of vaccination is required and the wearing of masks is recommended based on city-specific rules; source:

  • Full vaccination will be required for all attendees and staff
  • If not fully vaccinated, show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 24 hours prior to entering the event venue 
  • As of 14 March, masks are not required, but optional, for all indoor spaces
  • Enhanced sanitation measures will be taken throughout the event
  • Masks and hand sanitizers will be widely available

Proof of vaccination

  • Vaccination certificates carried by citizens of countries listed by the French Government will be accepted without further formalities.
  • If you are not vaccinated or vaccinated with a vaccine not accepted by the French Government, you need to be able to show a negative test.

How we can all help

  • Wash hands frequently
  • If not fully vaccinated, you have to have a negative COVID-19 test within 24 hours prior to entering the venue
  • Respect the personal space and comfort level of others
  • Do not attend if you are not feeling well
  • SPIE recommendations for offsite COVID-19 testing labs to accommodate anyone who may desire or need a test


For information on traveling, please visit the Hotel and Travel page

What to expect in Strasbourg

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination may be required at area businesses
  • After 14 March, wearing masks indoors (except on public transit) is no longer required, only optional
  • Respect local area mandates and requirements