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Invited Talks From AR, VR, and MR Industry Experts

Nataliya Kosmyna, invited speakers at the SPIE AR VR MR conference in February 2020

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SPIE AR, VR, MR features the biggest names in consumer electronics and up-and-coming XR companies. From invited speakers to panels, hear what they have to say about the next steps in XR hardware.

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February Presentations
Powerpoint + Audio

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2021 Invited Speakers

Bernard Kress Kevin Curtis Chi Xu
Bernard Kress
Microsoft HoloLens
Kevin Curtis, Senior Director
Magic Leap
Chi Xu, CEO
Ying "Melissa" Geng Stefan Alexander Amy Peck
Ying "Melissa" Geng
Facebook Reality Labs Research
Stefan Alexander
Amy Peck
Endeavor, nee HTC
Xavier Lafosse Zine Bouhamri Wayne McMillan
Xavier Lafosse, Advanced Optics
Zine Bouhamri
Displays, Yole Développement
Wayne McMillan, GM
Applied Materials
Soon-gi Park Juha Rantala Qiming Li
Soon-gi Park
Juha Rantala, CEO
Qiming Li, CEO
Denis Cohen-Tannoudji Amy Hendrick Ruediger Sprengard
Denis Cohen-Tannoudji
Amy Hedrick, CEO
CleanBox Technology
Rüdiger Sprengard 
Christine Thanner Jonathan Fan Michael Wiemer
Christine Thanner
EV Group
Jonathan Fan
Stanford University
Mik Wiemerk, CTO
Mojo Vision
Phil Greenhalgh Maria Pace Jonathan Waldern
Phil Greenhalgh 
Wave Optics
Maria Pace
Microsoft Hololens
Jonathan Waldern
Aviv Frommer Donna Qin Shigenobu Hirano
Aviv Frommer 
Donna Qin
Shigenobu Hirano 
Lucas Ginzinger Antti Sunnari Moritz Winterstein
Lucas Ginzinger 
Bosch Sensortec
Antti Sunnari
Moritz Winterstein
David Fattal Stefan Morgott Naamah Argaman
David Fattal
Stefan Morgott
Osram OS
Naamah Argaman
Applied Materials
Kawajiri Yuko Mike Lee Guido Groet
Kawajiri Yuko
NTT Advanced Technology
Mike Lee
Compund Photonics
Guido Groet

2021 Panel: SLM-based Scanning Displays

Kevin Curtis
MARCH 2021
SLM-based Scanning Displays

Kevin Curtis
Senior Director, Distinguished Fellow of Advanced Optics at Magic Leap


Kevin Curtis will moderate a panel on SLM based scanning "display". This will be an important and exciting discussion about advantages and constrains of laser, µLED, and other light engines for head mounted displays.


Zine Bouhamri

Zine Bouhamri
Technology & Market Analyst, Displays at Yole Développement

Qiming Li

Qiming Li
Founder and CEO at JBD, micro-LEDs for near-eye and image projection applications


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Invited Industry Talks and Panels from February 2020

Bernard Kress
Microsoft HoloLens
Opening address
Omkaram Nalamasu
Applied Materials
Innovations in Materials Engineering for Enabling the AR Industry
Edgar Auslander
Perspectives on the Role of AI in AR and VR
Gordon Wetzstein
Stanford University
Computational Eyeglasses and Near-eye Displays with Focus Cues
Ilmars Osmanis
LightSpace Technologies
Multi Focal Near Eye AR Display Architecture to Solve the Vergence-accomodation Problem
Kevin Zhong
DreamWorld Vision
Laser Safety Considerations in Laser-related Head Mounted Displays
Marty Banks
Are Leads and Lags of Accommodation Real?
Jonghyun Kim
ModulAR: AR-convertible Prescription Glasses
Nataliya Kosmyna
AttentivU: A Wearable Pair of EEG and EOG Glasses for Real-Time Physiological Processing
Darran Milne
Unlocking the Key Technical Drivers Needed to Advance AR Consumer Wearables
Tom Emrich
What is the Potential Market for the AR, VR Industry?

Tom Emrich
8th Wall, AR/Wearables Pioneer

Mikio Iwamura
NTT Docomo
A New Paradigm Begins with 5G and XR
Stefan Alexander
Smartglasses vs Mixed Reality: Hardware, Use Cases, and Convergence
Chi Xu
Coming soon
Kai Jens Ströder
tooz technologies
Are Consumers Ready for Smart AR Glasses Mass Adoption?
Hiroshi Mukawa
Latency Compensation for Optical See-through AR Headsets
Michael Klug
Magic Leap
Optical needs and challenges for emerging Spatial Computing applications
Stan Larroque
Lynx: First Standalone Device for Video See-through Mixed Reality
David Fattal
The Beauty of Lightfields
Nigel Burton
Using Augmented Reality Glasses in Multi-User Shared Experiences
Robert Schultz
Exceeding Expectations in AR Design
Eugene Panich
Achieving Eye-clean Visual Fidelity: How Eye Tracking and Digital Lens Correction Enable a Breakthrough in VR/AR HMD Picture Clarity
Ed Tang
Foveation is Coming
Osku Sahlsten
Immersive Mixed Reality
Doug Lanman
Facebook Reality Labs
Display Systems Research at Facebook Reality Labs
Mark Bolas
Design to Immersion
Svetlana Samoilova
How do we Build the AR, VR World with Hardware?

Svetlana Samoilova
NewSight Reality


Pablo Benitez
SPIE A. E. Conrady Award in Optical Engineering
Mikihiko Sano
High Refractive Index Glass Substrates and Optical Components for AR/MR Devices
Xavier Lafosse
High-Index Glass Substrates for Augmented Reality Displays
Rüdiger Sprengard
Guiding and Harnessing Light: High Index Waveguides and Optical Materials Enabling AR Devices
Thomas Glinsner
EV Group
Enabling High Volume Manufacturing for AR Applications Using Nanoimprint Lithography
Donna Qin
HOYA's Solutions for Wave-guide Related Market
Jerry Carollo
HMD Optical Architectures: "Avoiding the Cliff"
Antti Sunnari
Mass-manufacturable diffractive waveguide displays for AR and MR
Phil Greenhalgh
Diffractive and Reflective Waveguides: A Game of Trade-Offs
Christina Ingwalson
What It’s Like to be a Start-Up in 2020

Christina Ingwalson
Health Scholars

Igino Padovani
Smartglasses – How the puzzle fits together
Harry Atwater
California Institute of Technology
Electronically Tunable Metasurfaces for Reconfigurable Wavefront Control
Soon-gi Park
PinMR: From Concept to Reality
Jonathan Waldern
Electro-Optic Photopolymer Waveguide Technology for Compact Wide Field of View MR Glasses
Yu Zheng
LingXi AR
Perspectives on Microdisplay Technology in AR Waveguide Optical Solutions
Hakan Urey
CY Vision
Computational Holographic Displays for AR Glasses and AR-HUDs
Rich Madison
Thales Visionix
Head Tracking for Roving AR
Ronald Azuma
Progress in occlusion and FOV
Caitlin (CK) Kalinowski
Design Principles for Building VR—Translating Optics and Sensor Technologies into Products Consumers Love
Kelly Peng
Kura AR
Gallium: High-performance AR Through Multi-disciplinary Inventions on Displays, Optics, and More
Marcus Duelk
Progress on RGB Superluminescent LEDs for AR/MR Display Applications
Vincent Lee
Lumiode: Ultra high brightness Micro-LED Displays for AR/MR
Srinivasa Banna
MicroLED Technology for AR/VR Displays
Mike Stover
Jasper Display
JDC Paving the Way for MicroLED Microdisplays to Get to Market
Mike Browne
SA Photonics
Spec-ifying the future of XR systems
Brian Schowengerdt
Micro-LEDs: The Hot, New, Vital Building Blocks of AR, VR

Brian Schowengerdt
Co-founder of Magic Leap