16 - 21 June 2024
Yokohama, Japan
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Paper 13093-146

Heterodyne OH Lunar Miniature Spectrometer (HOLMS), a miniature ultra-sensitive UV spectrometer for future lunar and planetary missions

On demand | Presented live 17 June 2024


Here, we report the development of an ultra-miniature high-sensitive near UV spectrometer to determine the abundance or the upper limit of the water in the lunar atmosphere and investigate the processes that control its distribution and variability. Heterodyne OH Lunar Miniature Spectrometer (HOLMS) is based on the Michelson design Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometry (SHS) technique, a novel approach for high R in a compact, low-cost, low-mass, low-power architecture. HOLMS is designed to observe Hydroxyl (OH) molecules in the lunar exosphere in 311-317 nm and 0.1 nm spectral resolution. OH radicals are key lunar water surrogate molecules produced during solar UV-light dissociation; therefore, measuring it reveals critical information about the lunar water cycle and resources. Acknowledgments: This work has been conducted at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract to NASA: copyright 2024, California Institute of Technology. Government sponsorship acknowledged.


Jet Propulsion Lab. (United States), Caltech (United States)
Sona Hosseini, Ph. D., is a planetary scientist and a technologist who studies water's role in forming the Solar System and universe. She conceptualizes innovative miniature optical spectroscopic techniques to enable novel fundamental measurements in future NASA space missions suitable for deep space and small satellites. Hosseini is the recipient of the 2022 NASA Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellowship (RTF) award for her research on reforming Astrophysics Far-UV science investigation and developing new technologies to fill the current measurement and science gaps. and the 2020 SPIE Early Career Achievement Award for her research on developing a miniature high sensitivity spectrometer for lunar missions.
Application tracks: Astrophotonics
Jet Propulsion Lab. (United States), Caltech (United States)
Guillaume Gronoff
Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (United States)
Jet Propulsion Lab. (United States)
NASA Ames Research Ctr. (United States)
Amanda Hendrix
Planetary Science Institute (United States)