16 - 21 June 2024
Yokohama, Japan
Conference 13093 > Paper 13093-143
Paper 13093-143

Planning experiment with the Spektr-UF observatory: the first webversion of exposure time calculator

On demand | Presented live 17 June 2024


The Spektr-UF Space Observatory is considered to be the only large instrument planned for the next decade that will continuously receive data in the far and near UV wavelength ranges. A necessary component of the observatory for planning and implementing a scientific program (preparation of applications and preparation of an observation program) is a special software that allows to evaluate the possibility of registering a signal from an astronomical object of interest. In preparation for the launch of Spektr-UF, the first version of an exposure time calculator was created with the ability to work via a web interface. The report presents the main features of the Spectr-UF exposure time calculator. Based on real examples, the possibility of implementing photometry and spectroscopy of point and extended sources using various scientific instruments of the observatory is discussed. Further plans for the development of this exposure calculator are also discussed.


Institute of Astronomy (Russian Federation)
Application tracks: Astrophotonics
Institute of Astronomy (Russian Federation)
Institute of Astronomy (Russian Federation)