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AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH

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AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH
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23 February 2024
foto-foXXus - imaging with 5ˣ extended depth of field for machine vision, photography
The long-standing goal of extending depth of field (DOF) in a variety of imaging applications in machine vision, photography and cinematography is realized in family of foto-foXXus optics of patent pending design. The 5ˣ extension of DOF is achieved due to multi-focus optical system that ensures high image quality with acceptable sharpness across the entire field in object space. Applying the modern image processing techniques allows enhancing the image contrast. Applications include bar-code reading, multifocal plane microscopy, telecentric and other inspection optics, vision-guided robotics, as well as specific visual effects in photography and cinema. The novel foto-foXXus 5ˣ models present lens-mounted afocal optics that provides easy and simple integration into existing optical imaging systems.