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Optics + Photonics 2021 had an amazing vibe as the first in-person event and exhibition held in well over a year.

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Nanoscale optics with plasmonic nanoparticle lattices

Teri Odom

Teri W. Odom is the Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair at Northwestern University and is an expert in designing structured nanoscale materials that exhibit extraordinary size and shape-dependent optical properties. Odom discusses advances and future prospects in manipulating light at the nanoscale with plasmonic nanoparticle lattices.

Meeting the challenges of OLEDs

Frankie So

Franky So is the Walter and Ida Freeman Distinguished Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at North Carolina State University. Before entering academia, he was manager of the OLED group at Motorola, and he later became head of OLED Research at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. He is discussing photonics and light manipulation of OLEDs.

Enabling technologies for astrophysics, planetary science, and terrestrial applications

Shouleh Nikzad

Dr. Shouleh Nikzad is an electronic engineer and research scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dr. Nikzad will describe how surface engineering enables high performance in detectors, filters, and coating technologies which in turn could enable discoveries in future space missions ranging from CubeSats to flagship. She will also discuss the synergistic way these technologies can be used for terrestrial applications and in particular medical applications.

A mummy’s secrets: serendipity, computed tomography, and non-invasive x-ray diffraction

Stuart R. Stock

Dr. Stuart R. Stock is Research Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology at Northwestern Medicine, Feinburg School of Medicine. This talk covers the provenance of Hawara Portrait Mummy Four, a Roman-era Egyptian mummy, and what CT tells us about the person and object enclosed and what secrets x-ray diffraction reveals.

Read interviews with some of our featured 2021 plenary presenters

Discovering the Universe: the future of NASA’s astrophysics program

Paul Hertz is Director of Astrophysics in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA. Hertz was a plenary speaker at SPIE Optics + Photonics, where he summarized NASA's astrophysics program and discussed possible visions for the future of NASA astrophysics.

Inventing the future: advancing healthcare with deep tomographic imaging

Ge Wang is the Clark and Crossan Endowed Chair Professor and Director of the Biomedical Imaging Center at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Wang and his team focuses on innovation and translation of x-ray computed tomography, optical molecular tomography, multi-scale and multi-modality imaging, and AI/machine learning for image reconstruction and analysis. Wang was a plenary speaker at SPIE Optics + Photonics, where he discussed x-ray imaging and challenges in the "Wild West of AI."

Next-generation solar cells

Professor Anita Ho-Baillie, The University of Sydney, is a world leader in developing next-generation solar cells and one of our 2021 plenary speakers. As a Optics + Photonics Plenary, she discussed the challenges and opportunities associated with perovskite solar cells.

Harnessing solar energy for a more sustainable-energy future

Jean-Luc Bredas, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Arizona was one of our 2021 plenary speakers on organic photovoltaics. He is internationally recognized for ground breaking contributions in the field of organic semiconductors.

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