16 - 21 June 2024
Yokohama, Japan
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Paper 13173-500

Moving TMT forward: Japan’s contributions and transformative approach toward community engagement (Plenary Presentation)

17 June 2024 • 08:30 - 09:15 Japan Standard Time | National Convention Hall, 1F


The Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory (TIO) is an ambitious international scientific endeavor. In Part 1, we highlight Japan’s contributions toward technical advancements. Building upon the scientific and engineering success of the Subaru Telescope and ALMA, Japan leads in developing the telescope structure, primary mirror production, and cutting-edge science instruments. Part 2 delves into TIO’s transformative shift toward community engagement. At TIO, we believe in community model of astronomy that upholds the values of inclusion, respect, and community stewardship. We are committed to listening to, learning from, and working together with Hawaiʻi commuities to build a brighter future for all.


National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (United States)
Tomonori Usuda is Director of NAOJ TMT Project and TIO board member. From 2006 to 2013, he was the Associate Director of the Subaru Telescope in Hawaiʻi. Dr. Usuda’s background is in Optical and Infrared astronomy, and his principal research interests include star formation, interstellar medium, exoplanets, and developments of advanced infrared instrumentation & telescopes. Yuko Kakazu, the Education, Outreach, and Broader Impacts Manager for the TIO and NAOJ TMT project, is committed to advancing education and workforce development for underserved students. With 17 years of experience in Hawaiʻi, she previously spearheaded education and outreach at Subaru Telescope. Additionally, she holds leadership positions, serving as Director and Education Committee Chair at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hawaiʻi, Trustee and Education Ambassador at the OIST Foundation, and Council Leader at the U.S.-Japan Council.
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (United States)
Thirty Meter Telescope (United States)