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30 November 2023
Instrument Systems becomes a member of the MicroLED Industry Association MIA
Instrument Systems supports the development of μLED technologies with its active membership of the MIA. Munich, August 2023 – Instrument Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of high- end light measurement technology, has become a member of the MicroLED Industry Association (MIA). With its active membership, Instrument Systems is supporting the development and implementation of μLED display technologies. Instrument Systems has been setting global standards for high-precision spectroradiometric measurements in the LED industry since 1986. It is involved in standardization committees and associations (e.g., DIN, CIE) and cooperates with the leading metrology institutes. For CEO Dr. Markus Ehbrecht, joining the MIA is a logical continuation of these activities for the purpose of sharing knowledge and advancing new technologies worldwide. μLEDs are known as a challenging new technology. They are smaller than 100 microns and have exceptional optical properties, enabling the production of displays with a large color gamut, high contrast and very high resolution. New adaptive front lighting systems (AFS) for vehicles also use μLED arrays with some 10,000 individual light sources. This allows precise control of the light beam, as each μLED can be controlled individually. For many years, Instrument Systems has been an important partner to the largest LED and μLED manufacturers. With its high-quality light meters and spectrally optimized cameras, Instrument Systems offers innovative and efficient solutions for the precise optical measurement of μLEDs. The camera-based 2D systems LumiTop 4000 and LumiTop X150 enable fast, highly accurate and traceable optical measurements for various μLED arrays and displays. In combination with a high-precision CAS 140D spectroradiometer, adaptive live calibrations can be realized, based on the spectral properties of the test specimen. In addition, the measurement can be synchronized with the power source of the μLED to achieve high speeds and reproducibility. The LumiTop 4000 has a resolution of 12 MP and can detect the smallest defects and inhomogeneities. Thanks to a 100 mm macro lens, the camera enables fast parallel inline analysis of all μLEDs on a wafer at a single test station. With a field of view (FOV) of about 10 x 14 mm, it can simultaneously measure many thousands μLEDs with a minimum pixel size up to 30 μm. The LumiTop X150 has a 150 MP sensor that can be extended to 600 MP via optional pixel shifting. Various industrial-grade lenses are available for testing the smallest micro- displays, smart watches, mobile phones, tablets and wafers up to large video walls. One- shot wafer tests are also possible with the LumiTop X150. The MicroLED Industry Association was founded in 2022 to accelerate the implementation of μLED display technologies. The association brings together companies, researchers and organizations active in the μLED industry, and provides the ideal forum for solving common technology problems, promoting collaboration and sharing information, resources and tools. The association aims to ensure that the μLED display industry communicates uniformly and jointly solves technology problems.