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SPIE Terms of Use

The contents of SPIE Proceedings, Journals, eBooks, and magazines are copyrighted by SPIE unless otherwise noted. SPIE content is DRM-free for your convenience. Purchasers and Users of this content may download, save, or print purchased or freely available content to any device owned by the User solely for private use or research.

Altering, posting on a public website, re-transmitting to others, systematic downloading, loading on an internal network, reselling, or republishing SPIE-copyrighted content in any form or medium without written permission from SPIE is a violation of copyright laws and is prohibited.

Brief quotations or excerpts may be used in other articles, reviews, blogs, bibliographies, etc., provided they are properly cited. Permissions information can be found here.

By electing to download, save, print, or copy any content from SPIE Publications, the User agrees to use it in a way that conforms to all applicable laws and regulations, and to these Terms of Use.

Individual Subscriptions

Please refer to our Full Terms of Use for Personal Subscriptions.

For SPIE Members, SPIE journal subscriptions provided as a membership benefit are for the use of the Member only. Members may not sell or donate print journal copies or online access to any individual or institution. All other Terms of Use apply to Member subscriptions. SPIE reserves the right to terminate a membership and related journal subscriptions for violations of these terms.

Institutional Subscriptions

Please visit institutional journal subscription and SPIE Digital Library subscriptions for information about institutional subscriptions to SPIE Publications.

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