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Books by Technology

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Ernst Abbe's Theory of Image Formation in the Microscope
Member: $38.25
Non-member: $45.00
Chemistry and Lithography, Second Edition, Vol. 2: Chemistry in Lithography
Member: $102.00
Non-member: $120.00
Laser Beam Propagation in Random Media: New and Advanced Topics
Member: $71.40
Non-member: $84.00
The Nanosatellite Revolution: 30 Years and Continuing
Member: $119.00
Non-member: $140.00
Fundamentals of Optics: An Introductory Course
Member: $46.75
Non-member: $55.00
The Abundant Promise of Ultrasound in Neurosurgery: A Broad Overview and Thoughts on Ethical Paths to Realizing Its Benefits
Member: $49.30
Non-member: $58.00
Light Propagation through Biological Tissue and Other Diffusive Media: Theory, Solutions, and Validations, Second Edition
Fabrizio Martelli, Tiziano Binzoni, Samuele Del Bianco, André Liemert, Alwin Kienle
Member: $78.20
Non-member: $92.00
Seeing the Light: Optics Without Equations
Member: $68.00
Non-member: $80.00
Simulating Speckle with <i>Mathematica</i><sup>®</sup>
Member: $35.70
Non-member: $42.00
Use of Smartphones in Optical Experimentation
Yiping Zhao, Yoong Sheng Phang
Member: $42.50
Non-member: $50.00
Instructor's Manual to Accompany Understanding Fiber Optics, Fifth Edition
Member: $2.55
Non-member: $3.00
Field Guide to Optics Education: A Tribute to John Greivenkamp
J. Scott Tyo, Eric Pepper
Member: $15.30
Non-member: $18.00
Computed Tomography: Principles, Design, Artifacts, and Recent Advances, Fourth Edition
Member: $98.60
Non-member: $116.00
Understanding Glare in Exterior Lighting, Display, and Related Applications
Member: $26.35
Non-member: $31.00
Field Guide to Hyperspectral / Multispectral Image Processing
Member: $35.70
Non-member: $42.00
Field Guide to Light-Matter Interaction
Member: $35.70
Non-member: $42.00
Handbook of Speckle Interferometry
Member: $46.75
Non-member: $55.00
Designing Illumination Optics
Member: $51.00
Non-member: $60.00
Short-Wavelength Infrared Windows for Biomedical Applications
Member: $97.75
Non-member: $115.00
Microscope Design, Volume 1: Principles
Member: $68.00
Non-member: $80.00
Modern Optics Drawings: The ISO 10110 Companion
Member: $53.55
Non-member: $63.00
Elements of Optical and Laser Beam Scanning: Modeling of Mirror and Prism Scanning Devices
Member: $63.75
Non-member: $75.00
Visual Optics: Lectures in Optics, Volume 4
Member: $90.10
Non-member: $106.00
Field Guide to Optoelectronics and Photonics
Member: $35.70
Non-member: $42.00
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