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Triantafillos Koukoulas

Dr. Triantafillos  Koukoulas

Visiting Scientist
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
Center for Fluid Flow & Acoustics
Division of Physical Metrology
267 Gajeong-ro
Daejeon  34113

tel: +82 42 868 5114
fax: +82 42 868 5252
E-mail: tr_koukoulas@outlook.com

Area of Expertise

Experimental optical measurement techniques for sound and fluid flows, imaging and sensing techniques, photon correlation, optical interferometry, laser Doppler optical techniques, acousto-optics, metrology, Fourier domain optical coherence tomography, digital signal processing, algorithm development, paper writing and reviewing


Following the completion of his doctorate, Triantafillos gained 2 years of experience in machine vision and electro-optics from the industrial sector and nearly 11 years at the National Physical Laboratory (UK) where he led the research work in the SI realization of the unit of acoustic pressure using optical methods traceable to fundamental constants. His main research work focuses on the measurement and assessment of sound fields and flow in air and water using laser-based techniques covering airborne and underwater acoustics including ultrasonics. His research work has also focused on the characterisation of solid and liquid polymeric nanocomposite materials using optical sensing techniques in the infrared and visible parts of the spectrum. His research work has been covered in 70 publications, he is a regular reviewer for a number of international scientific journals and he is a topical editor for Applied Optics. He has served as an external doctoral examiner and has delivered a large number of presentations and lectures addressing a wide range of audiences. He has also been involved in the organisation and chairing of structured sessions at conferences. 

Lecture Title(s)

  • Assessing sound using lasers - metrological and end-user perspectives
    'Sound' is often assumed to be only what humans can hear. This is partially true as we can only hear pressure waves in the frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz, called audible sound. However, other species use frequencies below 20 Hz (infrasound) or above 20 kHz (ultrasound). There truly is a vast range of applications in air and water where the acoustic pressure needs to be measured to characterise the sound field. Applications involve noise monitoring in air and water and its impact on living species, underwater sonar characterisation and medical ultrasound. Optical techniques based on photon correlation, heterodyne and homodyne interferometry are capable of measuring the sound pressure at a point in space. Other techniques based on the acousto-optic effect in conjunction with laser Doppler vibrometry can visualise entire 2-dimensional areas in space. The importance of optical methods is that they do not disturb the propagation of sound and most crucially provide their traceability to the Planck constant - a fundamental constant in nature - rather than to man-made artefacts. Laser based optical techniques allow unique possibilities; for metrologists to define primary acoustical pressure standards covering frequencies from a few tens of Hz to many tens of MHz and for manufacturers and end-users to provide the calibration of their sensors for accurate measurements and the possibility to visualise propagating sound.  

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