Joe and Agnete Yaver Memorial Scholarship

The Joe and Agnete Yaver Memorial Scholarship is intended for those seeking further education that provides “the business knowledge required to facilitate the advancement and application of optics and photonics research and technology.”

The US $10,000 scholarship is available to SPIE Members and staff seeking an advanced degree or certificate from an accredited program. Examples include organizational management programs awarding master's degrees in non-profit management, business administration, and technology management; or continuing education programs offering certificates in business administration, program management, and data science and visualization. 

The scholarship honors the contributions and vision of the Yavers, who were instrumental to the technical and financial success of the Society.

The application for the 2023 Yaver Scholarship is open. Apply by 14 April 2023.

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About Joe and Agnete Yaver

Honoring the Yavers

Joe Yaver, who died in November 2016, was the innovative executive director of SPIE from November 1969 until 1993. Agnete Yaver worked alongside her husband in building the foundation for SPIE’s current multidisciplinary international scope, and advancing its mission. Learn more about Joe and Agnete's contributions to SPIE by downloading our booklet, Remembering Joe Yaver.

Joe and Agnete Yaver

2022 recipient

Oleksandra Ivashchenko

Leiden University Medical Center (Netherlands)

Oleksandra Ivashchenko, a medical physics resident at the Leiden University Medical Center, received the 2022 Yaver Scholarship. She will use the scholarship to complete a part-time MBA program in healthcare management at the University of Amsterdam's Business School, while taking on a post-residency role as a senior medical physicist in the department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging at the University Medical Center of Groningen. 

Read the SPIE press release to learn more.

2020 recipient

Alison Walker

SPIE Staff (United States)

SPIE staffer Alison Walker, a marketing project manager with the Society, received the 2020 Yaver Scholarship. She intends to use the award to pursue two certification courses available via Cornell University's online learning platform: a six-month Project Management Certificate, and a three-month Web Design and Development Certificate. During her studies, she'll maintain her current role with SPIE.

Read the SPIE press release to learn more.

2019 recipient

Bethany Johns

American Institute of Physics (United States)

SPIE Member Bethany Johns, manager of government relations and public policy at the American Institute of Physics received the 2019 Yaver Scholarship. She used the funds to become a Certified Association Executive (CAE), through the American Society of Association Executives. 

Read the SPIE press release to learn more.

2018 recipient

Chris Maloney

QED Technologies (United States)

Chris Maloney, a senior applications engineer at QED Technologies was the recipient of the inaugural Joe and Agnete Yaver Memorial Scholarship. Chris applied the scholarship toward the MBA program at Messiah College for Strategic Leadership.

Read the SPIE press release to learn more.


The Yaver Scholarship is one of several named SPIE scholarships that are funded by companies and individuals who partner with SPIE to serve its non-profit educational mission.