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Course Attendees

The following information is for course attendees at SPIE events.

Check-in Process

    ✔ Check-in at registration
    ✔ Go to Course Materials Desk
    ✔ Exchange course ticket(s) for printed course materials*
    ✔ Get your course room location
    ✔ Arrive on time

*Printed course materials will act as a "ticket" to enter the course room. Course Desk staff will tell you the location of the course when you receive your materials.

Course materials are copyrighted by the instructor and are for course attendance and personal use only. Course materials may not be copied or redistributed in any way.

Where are courses held?
Courses may be held in a different location than the conferences. The course room location will be included with your course notes. We strongly recommend that you pick up your course materials 20-30 minutes prior to the start of your course. Course notes can be picked up anytime during registration hours.

Are there breaks?
Half-day courses: 15-30 minutes
Full-day courses: 15-30 minute morning break, 1.5 hour lunch break, and 15-30 minute afternoon break

Breaks typically coincide with conference coffee breaks but are at the discretion of the instructor.

Do I receive credentials for course completion?
SPIE awards digital badges and certificates to participants for course completion. Digital credentials are emailed to attendees approximately 4-6 weeks after the conference has ended. If you have not received your digital credentials after 6 weeks, contact courses@spie.org

To receive digital credentials you must:

    ✔ Be present for the entire course
    ✔ Complete the course quiz
    ✔ Fill out the course evaluation
    ✔ Fill in your contract information in the space provided
    ✔ Drop completed quiz and evaluation forms in the Course Evaluation Box in the course room or return to the Course Materials desk.

More information about digital credentials can be found at SPIE Badges and Certificates

What if SPIE cancels my course?
SPIE reserves the right to reschedule or cancel courses. Reasons may include but not limited to insufficient registrations, instructor availability. In the case that a course is cancelled students will receive the choice of transferring to another course, credit for a future course, or a refund.

What is the cancelation/refund deadline?
Please review the SPIE refund policy found on the registration page for each SPIE event.

Learn more about Digital Certificates