Manuscript Policies and Review

Where proceedings are indexed

SPIE partners with relevant scientific databases to enable researchers to find the papers in the Proceedings of SPIE easily. The databases that abstract and index these papers include Astrophysical Data System (ADS), Chemical Abstracts (relevant content), Ei Compendex, CrossRef, Current Contents, DeepDyve, Google Scholar, Inspec, Portico, Scopus, SPIN, and Web of Science Conference Proceedings Citation Index.

Manuscript requirements

All authors of oral or poster papers are expected to submit manuscripts containing original, previously unpublished work, in accordance with their specific conference deadlines.

Manuscripts must be:

  • Of minimum page count (see manuscript guidelines for each event) and no longer than 20 pages, single-spaced, formatted to SPIE Specifications
  • Must upload manuscript as a PDF file type
  • Written in English, with clearly understandable text and figures
  • Technically sound, with sufficient data to explain results and support conclusions
  • Received by the manuscript due date
  • Not acceptable: short summaries, viewgraphs, or abstracts; overtly commercial content

Late manuscripts

Much of the value of the Proceedings depends on timely publication and distribution. To ensure publication in the SPIE Digital Library and indexing in the Proceedings of SPIE, manuscripts must be submitted for publication by the announced due date.

Attendance and presentation

Authors are expected to attend the meeting and present their papers. Papers not presented at the meeting will not be published in the Proceedings of SPIE, except in the case of exceptional circumstances at the discretion of SPIE and the Conference Chair/Editor. If unforeseeable circumstances prevent you from attending the meeting and keeping your commitment, notify your SPIE staff Program Coordinator as soon as possible and arrange for a coauthor or colleague to make the presentation.

Company or government clearance

Company or government clearance must be finalized at the time of submission. DOD contractors need to allow a minimum of 60 days for government clearance. Authors are required to warrant to SPIE in advance of publication of the conference proceedings that all necessary permissions and clearances have been obtained, and that submitting authors are authorized to transfer copyright of the paper to SPIE for publication.


The Society views as unprofessional the arbitrary withdrawal of a manuscript after the paper has been accepted by the conference committee and SPIE staff have reviewed and processed the paper for publication. Authors are requested to take all means necessary to avoid withdrawal of a paper after submission for publication.

Review information

Conference chairs/editors review papers for technical merit, suitability of content, and clarity. They may require manuscript revisions before approving publication, and reserve the right to reject for publication any paper that does not meet content or quality expectations or manuscript requirements. SPIE's decision whether to publish a manuscript is final.

Proceedings of SPIE provide rapid reporting on ideas, techniques, and results of current research. Papers may be status reports of work in progress or descriptions of completed research. Many papers are acceptable as submitted. Reviewers are asked to verify whether the paper:

  • Is technically sound
  • Contains new, original research content or scientific concepts
  • Is non-commercial in nature
  • Includes sufficient technical data and description to explain results and support conclusions
  • Includes adequate and appropriate references
  • Is written clearly, with all text and figures readily understandable to the reader.

Privileged information or ideas obtained through access to conference abstracts and manuscripts prior to presentation or publication for the purpose of conference organization or peer review must be kept confidential and must not be used for competitive gain.

Web posting policy

SPIE web posting policy for papers, posters, and presentation recordings published in the Proceedings of SPIE and SPIE Journals

SPIE grants to authors (and their employers) of papers, posters, and presentation recordings published in SPIE Proceedings or SPIE Journals on the SPIE Digital Library (hereinafter “publications”) the right to post an author-prepared version or an official version (preferred version) of the publication on an internal or external repository controlled exclusively by the author/employer, or the entity funding the research, provided that (a) such posting is noncommercial in nature and the publication is made available to users without charge; (b) an appropriate copyright notice and citation appear with the publication; and (c) a link to SPIE’s official online version of the publication is provided using the item’s DOI.

This authorization does not extend to third-party web sites not owned and maintained by the author/employer such as ResearchGate,, YouTube, etc.

SPIE content published under a Creative Commons CC-BY license is exempt from the above requirements.

Name changes

SPIE allows authors to change their names and pronouns in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion in research communities. Authors may wish to change a name due to gender identity, marriage, divorce, religion, or other reasons, and SPIE will not require proof or supporting documentation for this change. When an author requests a name change on a work or works published in the SPIE Digital Library, the paper(s) will be updated and republished online, while maintaining the same citation information. Name changes do not require an erratum. It is recommended that co-authors are informed of the name change.

Misspellings and errors in an author's name are a different matter and still require correction via erratum.

To request a name change, please contact with your request. Include the paper DOI and the name change information. We will update the paper promptly and republish online, which will trigger it to be redelivered to all abstracting and indexing databases.

Misuse of this policy is an ethical violation and will be investigated and acted upon.

Copyright notice format

Copyright XXXX (year) Society of Photo‑Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). One print or electronic copy may be made for personal use only. Systematic reproduction and distribution, duplication of any material in this publication for a fee or for commercial purposes, and modification of the contents of the publication are prohibited.

Citation formats

Proceedings paper, poster, or presentation recording

Author(s), “Paper, Poster, or Presentation Title,” Proc. SPIE Volume Number, Volume Title, Paper Number (Publication Date).

Sarah Everton, Phill Dickens, Chris Tuck, Ben Dutton, “Evaluation of laser ultrasonic testing for inspection of metal additive manufacturing," Proc. SPIE 10352, Laser 3D Manufacturing II, 1035216 (March 16, 2022). DOI:

Journal article

Author(s), “Paper, Poster, or Presentation Title,” Proc. SPIE Volume Number, Volume Title, Paper Number (Publication Date).

Blackberrie Eddins and Muyinatu A. Lediju Bell, “Design of a multifiber light delivery system for photoacoustic-guided surgery," J. Biomed. Opt. 22(4), 041011 (Jan 13, 2022). DOI: