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Visualization and Data Analysis 2015
Editor(s): David L. Kao; Ming C. Hao; Mark A. Livingston; Thomas Wischgoll
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Volume Number: 9397
Date Published: 14 January 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9397
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The Palomar transient factory
Author(s): Peter Nugent; Yi Cao; Mansi Kasliwal
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An evaluation-guided approach for effective data visualization on tablets
Author(s): Peter S. Games; Alark Joshi
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Plugin free remote visualization in the browser
Author(s): Georg Tamm; Philipp Slusallek
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Ensemble visual analysis architecture with high mobility for large-scale critical infrastructure simulations
Author(s): Todd Eaglin; Xiaoyu Wang; William Ribarsky; William Tolone
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OSNAP! Introducing the open semantic network analysis platform
Author(s): Peter J. Radics; Nicholas F. Polys; Shawn P. Neuman; William H. Lund
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iGraph: a graph-based technique for visual analytics of image and text collections
Author(s): Yi Gu; Chaoli Wang; Jun Ma; Robert J. Nemiroff; David L. Kao
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Exploring hierarchical visualization designs using phylogenetic trees
Author(s): Shaomeng Li; R. Jordan Crouser; Garth Griffin; Connor Gramazio; Hans-Jörg Schulz; Hank Childs; Remco Chang
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Emotion-prints: interaction-driven emotion visualization on multi-touch interfaces
Author(s): Daniel Cernea; Christopher Weber; Achim Ebert; Andreas Kerren
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GPU surface extraction using the closest point embedding
Author(s): Mark Kim; Charles Hansen
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Advanced texture filtering: a versatile framework for reconstructing multi-dimensional image data on heterogeneous architectures
Author(s): Stefan Zellmann; Yvonne Percan; Ulrich Lang
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A client-server view-dependent isosurfacing approach with support for local view changes
Author(s): Matthew B. Couch; Timothy S. Newman
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Comparative visualization of protein conformations using large high resolution displays with gestures and body tracking
Author(s): Matt Marangoni; Thomas Wischgoll
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FuryExplorer: visual-interactive exploration of horse motion capture data
Author(s): Nils Wilhelm; Anna Vögele; Rebeka Zsoldos; Theresia Licka; Björn Krüger; Jürgen Bernard
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Weighted maps: treemap visualization of geolocated quantitative data
Author(s): Mohammad Ghoniem; Maël Cornil; Bertjan Broeksema; Mickaël Stefas; Benoît Otjacques
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Evaluating lossiness and fidelity in information visualization
Author(s): Richard Brath; Ebad Banissi
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An image-space Morse decomposition for 2D vector fields
Author(s): Guoning Chen; Shuyu Xu
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Subsampling-based compression and flow visualization
Author(s): Alexy Agranovsky; David Camp; Kenneth I. Joy; Hank Childs
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A multi-resolution interpolation scheme for pathline based Lagrangian flow representations
Author(s): Alexy Agranovsky; Harald Obermaier; Christoph Garth; Kenneth I. Joy
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Enhancing multidimensional data projection using density-based motion
Author(s): Ronak Etemadpour; Angus G. Forbes
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A survey and task-based quality assessment of static 2D colormaps
Author(s): Jürgen Bernard; Martin Steiger; Sebastian Mittelstädt; Simon Thum; Daniel Keim; Jörn Kohlhammer
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Reactive data visualizations
Author(s): Curran Kelleher; Haim Levkowitz
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Visualization and classification of physiological failure modes in ensemble hemorrhage simulation
Author(s): Song Zhang; William Andrew Pruett; Robert Hester
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Time-synchronized visualization of arbitrary data streams
Author(s): Paul Z. Kolano
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3D chromosome rendering from Hi-C data using virtual reality
Author(s): Yixin Zhu; Siddarth Selvaraj; Philip Weber; Jennifer Fang; Jürgen P. Schulze; Bing Ren
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Visualizing uncertainty of river model ensembles
Author(s): John van der Zwaag; Song Zhang; Robert Moorhead; David Welch; Jamie Dyer
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Remote visualization system based on particle based volume rendering
Author(s): Takuma Kawamura; Yasuhiro Idomura; Hiroko Miyamura; Hiroshi Takemiya; Naohisa Sakamoto; Koji Koyamada
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