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Pacific Rim Laser Damage 2014: Optical Materials for High-Power Lasers
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Volume Number: 9238
Date Published: 2 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9238
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Progress in research on laser damage mechanisms and contamination problem
Author(s): T. Jitsuno; H. Murakami; K. Kato; E. Sato; K. Mikami; S. Motokoshi; N. Miyanaga; H. Azechi
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Measurements of laser induced damage density produced with multiple longitudinal mode pulses in fused silica
Author(s): R. Diaz; M. Chambonneau; P. Grua; J.-L. Rullier; J.-Y. Natoli; L. Lamaignère
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Investigation of electric field formed in a multilayer mirror under simultaneous irradiation of two wavelengths
Author(s): Muneo Sugiura; Koichi Tamura; Mitsunobu Kobiyama; Shinji Motokoshi; Takahisa Jitsuno
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Ultrafast UV laser induced dynamics in dielectric coating materials before laser damage
Author(s): Juan Du; Zehan Li; Takayoshi Kobayashi; Yuanan Zhao; Yuxin Leng
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Laser induced bulk damage of KDP crystals prepared by rapid growth
Author(s): Yuan'an Zhao; Yueliang Wang; Guohang Hu; Jianda Shao; Junxiu Chang; Xiaofeng Liu; Dawei Li; Yuangen Yao; Xiuqin Lin; Guozong Zheng
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Laser induced defect decrement in DKDP crystals varied with photon energy
Author(s): Yueliang Wang; Yuanan Zhao; Meiping Zhu; Guohang Hu; Liujiang Yang; Dawei Li; Xiaofeng Liu; Qiling Xiao
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Nonlinear optical frequency conversion with KTP and BiBO crystals for lasers in space
Author(s): Arne Potreck; Helmut Schröder; Melanie Lammers; Georgios Tzeremes; Wolfgang Riede
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150MM diameter Nd:glass rod laser amplifier: characterization and prospects
Author(s): Andrey Shaykin; Alexander Soloviev; Alexey Kuzmin; Ilya Shaikin; Konstantin Burdonov; Efim Khazanov
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Femtosecond laser-induced damage threshold of electron-beam deposited materials for broadband high-reflective coatings on large optics
Author(s): Adrien Hervy; Gilles Chériaux; Laurent Gallais; Daniel Mouricaud; Slimane Djidel
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Polygon-binaryzation modeling of laser damage morphologies on dielectric coating to describe their wavefront properties
Author(s): Yi Zheng; Zhichao Liu; Ping Ma; Feng Pan
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Large beam damage experiments in fused silica optics at 351nm
Author(s): L. Lamaignère; G. Dupuy; A. Bourgeade; A. Roques; R. Courchinoux
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The impact of different cleaning processes on the laser damage threshold of antireflection coatings for Z-Backlighter optics at Sandia National Laboratories
Author(s): Ella Field; John Bellum; Damon Kletecka
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Investigation of damage morphology change condition on reflectors
Author(s): Zhichao Liu; Yi Zheng; Ping Ma; Feng Pan; Songlin Chen
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Surface structure of fused silica revealed by thermal annealing
Author(s): Jun Yang; Kui Yi; Minghong Yang; Guohang Hu; Jianda Shao
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The figure simulation of the polishing pad in the continuous polishing process
Author(s): Haiyang Shan; Xueke Xu; Hongbo He; Shijie Liu; Chaoyang Wei; Kui Yi; Jianda Shao
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Research of scratch visibility in (subsurface) damage detection based on total internal reflection microscopy
Author(s): Hui Cui; Shijie Liu; Yuanan Zhao; Jie Liu; Jun He
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Contribution of the metrology to the study of laser induced damage with multiple longitudinal mode pulses
Author(s): R. Diaz; M. Chambonneau; R. Courchinoux; J. Luce; J.-Y. Natoli; L. Lamaignère
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Scanning removal of ion-implanted novolak resist by using a laser irradiation
Author(s): Tomosumi Kamimura; Yuta Kuroki; Takuya Kiriyama; Hiroki Muraoka; Takashi Nishiyama; Yoshiyuki Harada; Hiroyuki Kuramae; Hideo Horibe
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High-efficiency cavity-dumped micro-chip Yb:YAG laser
Author(s): M. Nishio; A. Maruko; M. Inoue; M. Takama; S. Matsubara; H. Okunishi; K. Kato; K. Kyomoto; T. Yoshida; K. Shimabayashi; M. Morioka; S. Inayoshi; S. Yamagata; S. Kawato
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Thin-rod Yb:YAG regenerative laser amplifier
Author(s): A. Maruko; M. Nishio; S. Matsubara; M. Tanaka; M. Takama; T. Yoshida; K. Kyomoto; H. Okunishi; K. Kato; K. Shimabayashi; M. Morioka; S. Inayoshi; S. Yamagata; S. Kawato
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