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Biophotonics and Immune Responses IX
Editor(s): Wei R. Chen
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Volume Number: 8944
Date Published: 4 April 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 8944
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Photodynamic therapy for melanoma: efficacy and immunologic effects
Author(s): Pinar Avci; Gaurav K. Gupta; Masayoshi Kawakubo; Michael R. Hamblin
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In vitro therapeutic effect of PDT combined with VEGF-A gene therapy
Author(s): Rumwald Leo G. Lecaros; Leaf Huang; Yih-Chih Hsu
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Laser assisted immunotherapy (LIT) for chemotherapy-resistant neoplasms: recent case reports
Author(s): Robert E. Nordquist; Cody Bahavar; Feifan Zhou; Tomas Hode; Wei R. Chen; Xiaosong Li; Mark F. Naylor
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Effects of laser immunotherapy on tumor microenvironment
Author(s): Joseph T. Acquaviva III; Ethan W. Wood; Aamr Hasanjee; Wei R. Chen; Melville B. Vaughan
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Effects of cyclophosphamide on laser immunotherapy for the treatment of metastatic cancer
Author(s): Cody F. Bahavar; Joseph T. Acquaviva III; Sheyla Rabei; Allie Sikes; Robert E. Nordquist; Tomas Hode; Hong Liu; Wei R. Chen
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Laser immunotherapy and the tumor-immune system interaction: a mathematical model and analysis
Author(s): Sean M. Laverty; Bryan A. Dawkins; Wei R. Chen
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Impact of rapamycin on phenotype and tolerogenic function of dendritic cells via intravital optical imaging
Author(s): Meijie Luo; Zhihong Zhang
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Imaging marine virus CroV and its host Cafeteria roenbergensis with two-photon microscopy
Author(s): Bin Cao; Sayan Chakraborty; Wenqing Sun; Seyedmohammadali Aghvami; Matthias G. Fischer; Wei Qian; Chuan Xiao; Chunqiang Li
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Phantom study based on a high-energy in-line phase contrast tomosynthesis prototype
Author(s): Di Wu; Aimin Yan; Yuhua Li; Wei R. Chen; Xizeng Wu; Hong Liu
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Background estimation methods for quantitative x-ray fluorescence analysis of gold nanoparticles in biomedical applications
Author(s): Liqiang Ren; Di Wu; Yuhua Li; Wei R. Chen; Hong Liu
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Effects of laser immunotherapy on late-stage, metastatic breast cancer patients in a Phase II clinical trial
Author(s): Gabriela L. Ferrel; Feifan Zhou; Xiaosong Li; Tomas Hode; Robert E. Nordquist; Luciano Alleruzzo; Wei R. Chen
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Special antitumor immune effects of laser immunotherapy with SWNT-GC
Author(s): Feifan Zhou; Sheng Song; Wei R. Chen
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Enhanced photo-transfection efficiency of mammalian cells on graphene coated substrates
Author(s): Patience Mthunzi; Kuang He; Sandile Ngcobo; Jamie W. Warner
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Application of OCT elastography for diagnosis of thyroid hydatoncus
Author(s): Zhifang Li; Xiaona Lin; Hui Li; Wei R. Chen
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In vivo, label-free, and noninvasive detection of melanoma metastasis by photoacoustic flow cytometry
Author(s): Rongrong Liu; Cheng Wang; Cheng Hu; Xueding Wang; Xunbin Wei
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Metabolic imaging of the tumor treated by KillerRed fluorescent protein-based photodynamic therapy in mice
Author(s): Shuang Sha; Lingsong Qin; Anle Wang; Zheng Liu; Fei Yang; Honglin Jin; Zhihong Zhang
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Mechanistic studies of systemic immune responses induced by laser-nanotechnology
Author(s): Wei R. Chen; Feifan Zhou; Brock Henderson; Bailey Vasquez; Hong Liu; Tomas Hode; Robert E. Nordquist
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Interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization signal detection by computing intensity variance along the optical axis
Author(s): Zheng Li; Bin Zheng; Liqiang Ren; Hong Liu
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A mathematical model of the dynamics of antitumor laser immunotherapy
Author(s): Bryan A. Dawkins; Sean M. Laverty
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Low-power laser irradiation (LPLI) attenuates microglial cytotoxicity through the activation of Src pathway
Author(s): Sheng Song; Feifan Zhou; Wei R. Chen
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