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Wavelets and Sparsity XV
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Volume Number: 8858
Date Published: 24 October 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8858
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Image inpainting: theoretical analysis and comparison of algorithms
Author(s): Emily J. King; Gitta Kutyniok; Wang-Q Lim
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Directional and non-directional representations for the characterization of neuronal morphology
Author(s): Burcin Ozcan; Demetrio Labate; David Jiménez; Manos Papadakis
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Alpha molecules: curvelets, shearlets, ridgelets, and beyond
Author(s): Philipp Grohs; Sandra Keiper; Gitta Kutyniok; Martin Schäfer
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A split-augmented Lagrangian algorithm for spectral factorization of a set of 2D directional filters and application to the design of compact shearlet frames
Author(s): Bart Goossens; Jan Aelterman; Hiêp Luong; Aleksandra Pižurica; Wilfried Philips
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Optimal restoration of noisy 3D x-ray data via shearlet decompositions
Author(s): Demetrio Labate; Glenn R. Easley; Kanghui Guo
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Interplay in various settings between shift invariant spaces, wavelets, and sampling
Author(s): Peter M. Luthy; Guido L. Weiss; Edward N. Wilson
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Weighted and reweighted approximate message passing
Author(s): Navid Ghadermarzy; Ozgur Yilmaz
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Signal recovery from thresholded frame measurements
Author(s): Holger Boche; Mijail Guillemard; Gitta Kutyniok; Friedrich Philipp
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Random fusion frames for loss-insensitive packet encoding
Author(s): Bernhard G. Bodmann; Pankaj K. Singh
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Preconditioning of frames
Author(s): Gitta Kutyniok; Kasso Okoudjou; Friedrich Philipp
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Stability of phase retrievable frames
Author(s): Radu Balan
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On the computation of directional scale-discretized wavelet transforms on the sphere
Author(s): Jason D. McEwen; Pierre Vandergheynst; Yves Wiaux
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Flaglets for studying the large-scale structure of the Universe
Author(s): Boris Leistedt; Hiranya V. Peiris; Jason D. McEwen
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3D sparse representations on the sphere and applications in astronomy
Author(s): François Lanusse; Jean-Luc Starck
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Spatio-spectral formulation and design of spatially varying filters for signal estimation on the 2-sphere
Author(s): Zubair Khalid; Rodney A. Kennedy; Parastoo Sadeghi; Salman Durrani
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Classification and construction of closed-form kernels for signal representation on the 2-sphere
Author(s): Rodney A. Kennedy; Parastoo Sadeghi; Zubair Khalid; Jason D. McEwen
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A spatiospectral localization approach for analyzing and representing vector-valued functions on spherical surfaces
Author(s): Alain Plattner; Frederik J. Simons
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Combining multiple observations of audio signals
Author(s): Ilker Bayram
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Hybrid approximate message passing for generalized group sparsity
Author(s): Alyson K. Fletcher; Sundeep Rangan
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On linear transform design with non-linear approximation
Author(s): Osman G. Sezer; Onur G. Guleryuz
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Group sparse optimization by alternating direction method
Author(s): Wei Deng; Wotao Yin; Yin Zhang
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A unified framework for 3rd generation lidar pulse processing based on finite rate of innovations
Author(s): Charles D. Creusere; Juan Castorena
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MAP recovery of polynomial splines from compressive samples and its application to vehicular signals
Author(s): Akira Hirabayashi; Satoshi Makido; Laurent Condat
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Sampling great circles at their rate of innovation
Author(s): Samuel Deslauriers-Gauthier; Pina Marziliano
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Approximate Strang-Fix: sampling infinite streams of Diracs with any kernel
Author(s): Pier Luigi Dragotti; Jon Oñativia; Antonio Urigüen; Thierry Blu
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Joint image registration and reconstruction from compressed multi-view measurements
Author(s): Gilles Puy; Pierre Vandergheynst
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Sparsity and cosmology: inverse problems in cosmic microwave background experiments
Author(s): F. C. Sureau; J. Bobin; J.-L. Starck
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Coding and sampling for compressive x-ray diffraction tomography
Author(s): Joel A. Greenberg; Kalyani Krishnamurthy; Manu Lakshmanan; Kenneth MacCabe; Scott Wolter; Anuj Kapadia; David Brady
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Theory of compressive sensing with quadratic phase systems and examples in optics
Author(s): Yair Rivenson; Adrian Stern
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Rotation-covariant visual concept detection using steerable Riesz wavelets and bags of visual words
Author(s): Adrien Depeursinge; Antonio Foncubierta; Henning Müller; Dimitri Van de Ville
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Biological video reconstruction using linear or non-linear Fourier measurements
Author(s): Yoann Le Montagner; Elsa Angelini; Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin
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Fast thresholded multi-channel Landweber algorithm for wavelet-regularized multi-angle deconvolution
Author(s): Nikhil Chacko; Michael Liebling
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Compressed gated range sensing
Author(s): Grigorios Tsagkatakis; Arnaud Woiselle; George Tzagkarakis; Marc Bousquet; Jean Luc Starck; Panagiotis Tsakalides
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Angle-preserving quantized phase embeddings
Author(s): Petros T. Boufounos
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Poisson noise removal with pyramidal multi-scale transforms
Author(s): Arnaud Woiselle; Jean-Luc Starck; Jalal M. Fadili
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Compressed sensing image reconstruction for the LOFAR Radio Telescope
Author(s): Hugh Garsden; Jean-Luc Starck; Stéphane Corbel; Cyril Tasse; Arnaud Woiselle
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Spatio-temporal regularization for range imaging with high photon efficiency
Author(s): Ahmed Kirmani; Andrea Colaço; Dongeek Shin; Vivek K. Goyal
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Local hub screening in sparse correlation graphs
Author(s): Hamed Firouzi; Alfred O. Hero
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On the interplay between topology and signals supported on graphs
Author(s): Michael Rabbat
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On the sparsity of wavelet coefficients for signals on graphs
Author(s): Benjamin Ricaud; David I. Shuman; Pierre Vandergheynst
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A fast Monte Carlo algorithm for source localization on graphs
Author(s): Ameya Agaskar; Yue M. Lu
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Near-optimal phase retrieval of sparse vectors
Author(s): Afonso S. Bandeira; Dustin G. Mixon
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Compressive parameter estimation with earth mover's distance via K-median clustering
Author(s): Dian Mo; Marco F. Duarte
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A construction of unimodular equiangular tight frames from resolvable Steiner systems
Author(s): John Jasper
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Frame theory for locally compact abelian groups
Author(s): Emily J. King
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Fast null space tuning algorithms with feedbacks for sparse signal recovery
Author(s): Tiebin Mi; Shidong Li
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Multiscale dictionaries, transforms, and learning in high-dimensions
Author(s): Mauro Maggioni; Samuel Gerber
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Random encoding of quantized finite frame expansions
Author(s): Mark Iwen; Rayan Saab
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Using projections for phase retrieval
Author(s): Jameson Cahill; Peter G. Casazza; Jesse Peterson; Lindsey M. Woodland
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Reconstruction with diffeomorphic motion compensation for undersampled dynamic MRI
Author(s): Ganesh Adluru; Edward V. DiBella
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Motion estimation/compensated compressed sensing using patch-based low rank penalty
Author(s): Huisu Yoon; Jong Chul Ye
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Low-rank + sparse (L+S) reconstruction for accelerated dynamic MRI with seperation of background and dynamic components
Author(s): Ricardo Otazo; Daniel K. Sodickson; Emmanuel J. Candès
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Joint image reconstruction and motion parameter estimation for free-breathing navigator-gated cardiac MRI
Author(s): Mehmet Akçakaya; Tamer A. Basha; Sebastian Weingärtner; Reza Nezafat
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Exploiting local low-rank structure in higher-dimensional MRI applications
Author(s): Joshua D. Trzasko
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Accelerated dynamic MRI using sparse dictionary learning
Author(s): Sajan Goud Lingala; Mathews Jacob
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Prospective motion correction for functional MRI using sparsity and Kalman filtering
Author(s): Daniel S. Weller; Douglas C. Noll; Jeffrey A. Fessler
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Imaging dark matter using sparsity
Author(s): François Lanusse; Adrienne Leonard; Jean-Luc Starck
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Curvelet-based method for orientation estimation of particles
Author(s): Jouni Sampo; Jouni J. Takalo; Samuli Siltanen; Matti Lassas; Jussi Timonen; Arttu Miettinen
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Optical Coherence Tomography noise reduction over learned dictionaries with introduction of complex wavelet for start dictionary
Author(s): Raheleh Kafieh; Hossein Rabbani
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Dense grid sibling frames with linear phase filters
Author(s): Farras Abdelnour
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