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Quantum and Nonlinear Optics II
Editor(s): Qihuang Gong; Guang-Can Guo; Yuen-Ron Shen
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Volume Number: 8554
Date Published: 18 December 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8554
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Balanced-heterodyne detection of optical squeezing
Author(s): Sheng Feng
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Quantum election based on distributed scheme
Author(s): Rui-Rui Zhou; Li Yang
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A quantum target detection using polarized photons
Author(s): Xiaofei Wang; Bing Zhu
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Confined indirect excitons in one and two dimensional magnetic lattices: Bose-Hubbard model and beyond
Author(s): Ahmed M. Abdelrahman; Byoung S. Ham
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Towards coherent manipulation of the ground states of single cesium atom confined in a microscopic far-off-resonance optical dipole trap
Author(s): Wenting Diao; Jun He; Bei Liu; Junmin Wang
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One-way EPR steering and genuine multipartite EPR steering
Author(s): Qiongyi He; Margaret D. Reid
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Theory of quantum entanglement based on surface phonon polaritons in condensed matter systems
Author(s): Yang Ming; Zi-jian Wu; Xi-kui Hu; Fei Xu; Yan-qing Lu
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Generation of frequency de-correlated photon pairs by using photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Liang Cui; Xiaoying Li; Kang Gao; Ningbo Zhao
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Quantum light sources based on third-order nonlinear waveguides
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Qiang Zhou; Yidong Huang; Jiangde Peng
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Hong-Ou-Mandel interference experiment of two independent heralded single photon sources in an optical fiber with birefringence
Author(s): Tianyi Ma; Qiang Zhou; Wei Zhang; Yidong Huang; Xiaowei Cui; Mingquan Lu; Zhenming Feng
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Indistinguishability and semantic security for quantum encryption scheme
Author(s): Chong Xiang; Li Yang
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Properties of high quality heralded single photon source based on fibers at 1.5 um
Author(s): Qiang Zhou; Wei Zhang; Yidong Huang; Jiangde Peng
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The transition from slow to fast light based on coherent population oscillation in a cascaded Erbium-doped fiber structure
Author(s): Weikun Yu; Shuguang Lu; Lingling Gu; Jin Zhou; Xiaodan Wei; Ming Feng; Yigang Li
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Similarity of adjacent-frame chaos waveforms from semiconductor fiber ring laser in sensing applications
Author(s): Chen Liu; Nian Fang; Lutang Wang; Zhaoming Huang
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Active chromatic control and resonant improvement on the transverse-phase-modulation-induced group delay of light
Author(s): Fang Bo; Lei Xu; Jie Wang; Guoquan Zhang; Jingjun Xu
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Quasi-phase matched optical frequency comb generation through cascaded second order nonlinearity in a micro-ring resonator
Author(s): Zi-jian Wu; Yang Ming; Fei Xu; Yan-qing Lu
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Soliton spectral tunneling effect in multi-cladding single mode fibers with three zero-dispersion wavelengths
Author(s): Jungao Hu; Shaofei Wang; Xianglong Zeng; Qianwu Zhang; Tingyun Wang
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The self-bending and interactions of (1+1) dimension spatial solitons in photorefractive crystal
Author(s): Yali Qin; Jia Li; Hongliang Ren; Hao Wen
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of Rhodamine B dye solution with Au nanoparticles
Author(s): F. Hajiesmaeilbaigi; A. Motamedi; Y. Golian; E. Bostandoust Nik
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Efficient generation of mid-infrared photons at 3.16 um by coherent frequency downconversion
Author(s): Kun Huang; Qian Zhou; Xiaorong Gu; Haifeng Pan; E. Wu; Heping Zeng
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Linear and nonlinear localized modes in the width-disordered one-dimensional waveguide arrays
Author(s): Lei Xu; Yi Yin; Fang Bo; Jingjun Xu; Guoquan Zhang
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Evanescent coupling assisted four-wave mixing in a silicon-on-insulator directional coupler
Author(s): Wei Ding; Owain Staines; Gareth D. Hobbs; Andrey V. Gorbach; Charles E. de Nobriga; William J. Wadsworth; Jonathan C. Knight; Dmitry V. Skryabin; Michael Strain; Marc Sorel; Richard M. De La Rue
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An all fiber source of pulsed twin beams in the telecom band
Author(s): Xueshi Guo; Nannan Liu; Xiaoying Li
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The new scheme to generate Airy-Bessel wave packets
Author(s): Zhijun Ren; Liangwei Dong; Weidong Zhou
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Photo-ionization probability of 3+1 resonance enhanced multi-photon process
Author(s): Guiyin Zhang; Mengjun Li; Yidong Jin
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Conversion efficiency analysis of second harmonic generation of the novel nonlinear crystal RbBe2BO3F2
Author(s): Rui Sun; Li Wang; Chuanchen Bao
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Properties analysis of novel nonlinear crystal: CsBe2BO3F2 by frequency doubling
Author(s): Chuanchen Bao; Li Wang; Rui Sun
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Controlling spatiotemporal chaos of photorefractive ring oscillator with constant bias
Author(s): Xiaoxiao Chen; Xiuqin Feng; Zhihai Yao; Zuolin Tian
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Chaotic characteristic in the BEC system of a 1D tilted optical superlattice potential with attractive interaction
Author(s): Zhiying Zhang; Xiuqin Feng; Zhihai Yao; Shen Yang; Zuolin Tian
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Chaos synchronization and communication in unidirectionally coupled VCSELs with fiber channel
Author(s): Lin-Fu Li; Jian-Jun Chen
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Spatial soliton tunneling in longitudinally modulated optical lattices
Author(s): Qingnan Chen; Yali Qin; Jia Li; Hongliang Ren
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Ghost interference with pseudo-thermal light
Author(s): Yin-Ping Yao; Ren-Gang Wan; Shi-Wei Zhang; Jia-Zheng Song; Tong-Yi Zhang
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The effect of pump focusing on the performance of ghost imaging with entangled resource
Author(s): Ming-Yang Zheng; Lian Chen; Xin-Dong Cai; Feng Li; Ge Jin
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Two kinds of high-contrast optical filters for the detection of Stokes and anti-Stokes photons from cesium ensemble
Author(s): Tingting Liu; Qiangbing Liang; Jun He; Junmin Wang
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Optimization of the experimental parameters of cesium CPT system
Author(s): Zhi Liu; Jieying Wang; Wenting Diao; Jun He; Junmin Wang
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Study of the threshold coupling strength for mutually pumped phase conjugator
Author(s): Lin Ma; Zhiguo Jiang; Jifang Liu; Xin Liu
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All-optical switching characteristics analysis in an optimized nonlinear Bragg grating with a [pi] phase shift
Author(s): Jian-Jun Chen; Lin-Fu Li; Murat Hamit; Yan-Ting Hu; Xiao-Xi Fan; Abuduaini Kuduluke
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Electromagnetically induced absorption in lambda-three-level system driven by bichromatic coupling field
Author(s): Li-jun Yang; Zhan-fei Yan; Yu-ning Wang; Shu-qing Guo
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The three-photon resonant nondegenerate six-wave mixing via quantum interference
Author(s): Juan Sun; Jiang Sun; Ying Wang; Hong-Xin Su; Jin-Feng Cao
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Transient behaviour of EIT and EIA in an optical-radio two-photon coupling configuration
Author(s): Xiaoli Li; Zicai Yang; Yaxuan Shang
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Resonant optical nonlinearity of Nb-doped silica fiber measured with LPFG interferometer
Author(s): Litao Wang; Na Chen; Qiang Guo; Zhenyi Chen; Yunqi Liu; Tingyun Wang
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