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Diffuse Optical Imaging III
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Volume Number: 8088
Date Published: 9 June 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8088
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Assessment of cortical response during motor task in adults by a multimodality approach based on fNIRS-EEG, fMRI-EEG, and TMS
Author(s): Alessandro Torricelli; Davide Contini; Matteo Caffini; Lucia Zucchelli; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Lorenzo Spinelli; Erika Molteni; Anna Maria Bianchi; Giuseppe Baselli; Sergio Cerutti; Elisa Visani; Isabella Gilioli; Davide Rossi Sebastiano; Elena Schiaffi; Ferruccio Panzica; Silvana Franceschetti
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Simultaneous measurement of time-domain fNIRS and physiological signals during a cognitive task
Author(s): A. Jelzow; I. Tachtsidis; E. Kirilina; M. Niessing; R. Brühl; H. Wabnitz; A. Heine; B. Ittermann; R. Macdonald
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Slow spontaneous hemodynamic oscillations during sleep measured with near-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Jaakko Virtanen; Tiina Näsi; Tommi Noponen; Jussi Toppila; Tapani Salmi; Risto J. Ilmoniemi
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Robot-assisted motor activation monitored by time-domain optical brain imaging
Author(s): O. Steinkellner; H. Wabnitz; S. Schmid; R. Steingräber; H. Schmidt; J. Krüger; R. Macdonald
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Simultaneous imaging of haemoglobin oxygenation and blood flow with RGB reflectometry and LASCA during stroke in rats
Author(s): A. Steimers; M. Gramer; M. Takagaki; R. Graf; M. Kohl-Bareis
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Anatomical brain atlas for NIRS measurements of brain activation
Author(s): Matteo Caffini; Lucia Zucchelli; Davide Contini; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Lorenzo Spinelli; David Boas; Alessandro Torricelli
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Non-contact time-domain scanning brain imager: results of proof of principle tests
Author(s): M. Mazurenka; A. Jelzow; B. Ebert; H. Wabnitz; D. Contini; L. Spinelli; A. Pifferi; A. Dalla Mora; A. Tosi; R. Macdonald
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Time-resolved and spectral-resolved optical imaging to study brain hemodynamics in songbirds
Author(s): Stéphane Mottin; Bruno Montcel; Hugues Guillet de Chatellus; Stéphane Ramstein; Clémentine Vignal; Nicolas Mathevon
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Comparison of temporal response to cerebral blood flow measured by laser speckle flowgraphy and laser Doppler flowmetry
Author(s): Masashi Kusano; Haruka Nakayama; Hiroyuki Takuwa; Kazuto Masamoto; Iwao Kanno; Eiji Okada
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Non-invasive determination of the optical properties of the human head using a neural network
Author(s): Marion Jäger; Alwin Kienle
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Three-dimensional superposition of diffuse optical tomography results and subjacent anatomic structures
Author(s): Christina Habermehl; Christoph Schmitz; Jan Mehnert; Susanne Holtze; Jens Steinbrink
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Segmentation of magnetic resonance images to construct human head model for diffuse optical imaging
Author(s): Kazuki Kurihara; Hiroshi Kawaguchi; Yosuke Takahashi; Takayuki Obata; Eiji Okada
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Simulating light propagation: towards realistic tissue models
Author(s): Hidayet G. Akarçay; Jaro Ricka
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Analytical solutions of the radiative transfer equation for the fluence and radiance in infinite turbid media
Author(s): A. Liemert; A. Kienle
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Importance of considering exact boundary conditions of the probe geometry for determination of the optical properties of turbid media
Author(s): O. Fugger; A. Kienle
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Spectral reflectance fitting based on Monte Carlo simulation using a multi-layered skin tissue model
Author(s): Yoshihisa Aizu; Takaaki Maeda; Tomohiro Kuwahara; Tetsuji Hirao
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Optical projection tomography for light scattering media
Author(s): Vadim Y. Soloviev; Simon R. Arridge
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Diffuse optical tomography of absorption in biological media using time-dependent parabolic simplified spherical polynomials equations
Author(s): Jorge Bouza Domínguez; Yves Bérubé-Lauzière
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A semi-analytical perturbation model for diffusion tomogram reconstruction from time-resolved optical projections
Author(s): Alexander B. Konovalov; Vitaly V. Vlasov; Alexander S. Uglov; Vladimir V. Lyubimov
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Hyperspectral fluorescence tomography of quantum dots using the simplified spherical harmonics equations
Author(s): Alexander D. Klose; Yared Tekabe; Lynne Johnson
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Toward absolute quantification in CW-FDOT systems: use of a priori information
Author(s): Anne Planat-Chrétien; Anne Koenig; Jean-Guillaume Coutard; Lionel Hervé; Marco Brambilla; Jean-Marc Dinten
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Development of image reconstruction algorithms for fluorescence diffuse optical tomography using total light approach
Author(s): S. Okawa; H. Yamamoto; Y. Miwa; Y. Yamada
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Multi-wavelength diffusive optical tomography using independent component analysis and time reversal algorithms
Author(s): M. Alrubaiee; Binlin Wu; M. Xu; W. Cai; J. A. Koutcher; S. K. Gayen
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3D near-infrared imaging based on a single-photon avalanche diode array sensor
Author(s): Juan Mata Pavia; Edoardo Charbon; Martin Wolf
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Quantitative photoacoustic blood oxygenation measurement of whole porcine blood samples using a multi-wavelength semiconductor laser system
Author(s): Claus-Stefan Friedrich; Martin P. Mienkina; Carsten Brenner; Nils C. Gerhardt; Manfred Jörger; Andreas Strauß; Martin F. Beckmann; Georg Schmitz; Martin R. Hofmann
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Time-domain diffuse optical spectroscopy beyond 1100 nm: initial feasibility study
Author(s): Antonio Pifferi; Ilaria Bargigia; Paola Taroni; Andrea Farina; Rinaldo Cubeddu
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SNR enhancement by using polarized light for cortex functional imaging
Author(s): Anabela Da Silva; Pierre Stahl; Carole Deumié; Ivo Vanzetta
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Analysis of the diffuse reflectance spectra of skin due to detection system
Author(s): Shoji Takano; Eiji Okada
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Evaluation of the position resolution of NIR topography by localised visual stimulation
Author(s): Hirokazu Kakuta; Eiji Okada
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Simple method of improving sensitivity for diffuse reflective optical tomography: simulation and a phantom study
Author(s): Keiko Fukuda; Kazuaki Koishi; Takanobu Murayama
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Phantom experiments for quantitative evaluation of topographic image by mapping algorithm
Author(s): Yusuke Yoshida; Hirokazu Kakuta; Hiroshi Kawaguchi; Eiji Okada
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Breast density assessment by means of time domain optical mammography at 635-1060 nm
Author(s): Paola Taroni; Antonio Pifferi; Giovanna Quarto; Lorenzo Spinelli; Alessandro Torricelli; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Francesca Abbate; Anna Villa; Nicola Balestreri; Simona Menna; Enrico Cassano
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Oxygenation of the calf muscle during an incremental, intermittent walking exercise assessed by NIRS
Author(s): S. Härtel; C. Kutzner; D. Schneider; S. Grieger; M. Neumaier; M. Kohl-Bareis
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Comparison of polarized light penetration depth in scattering media
Author(s): Simon Rehn; Anne Planat-Chrétien; Michel Berger; Jean-Marc Dinten; Carole Deumié; Anabela da Silva
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Depth-resolved quantitative measurement of cerebral blood flow using broad-band near infrared spectroscopy and a two-layer head model
Author(s): Vladislav Toronov; Jonathan Elliott; Ting-Yim Lee; Keith St. Lawrence
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Development of a multi-view multi-spectral bioluminescence tomography small animal imaging system
Author(s): James A. Guggenheim; Hamid Dehghani; Hector Basevi; Iain B. Styles; Jon Frampton
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Principal and independent component analysis of concomitant functional near infrared spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging data
Author(s): Irina Schelkanova; Vladislav Toronov
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Determination of the reduced scattering and absorption coefficients by spatially resolved reflectance and total reflectance measurements
Author(s): Florian Foschum; Marie-Theres Heine; Alwin Kienle
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Frequency domain diffuse fluorescence tomography for detection of deep lesions
Author(s): Uwe J. Netz; Ingo Gersonde; Jan Toelsner; Gerd Illing
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Uncertainty analysis for fluorescence tomography with Monte Carlo method
Author(s): Alice Reinbacher-Köstinger; Manuel Freiberger; Hermann Scharfetter
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Using the topological derivative for initializing a Markov-chain Monte Carlo reconstruction in fluorescence tomography
Author(s): Manuel Freiberger; Antoine Laurain; Michael Hintermüller; Alice Köstinger; Hermann Scharfetter
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Numerical modeling of light propagation in biological tissues: time-resolved 3D simulations based on light diffusion model and FDTD solution of Maxwell's equations
Author(s): N. Ortega-Quijano; O. G. Romanov; F. Fanjul-Vélez; I. Salas-García; A. L. Tolstik; J. L. Arce-Diego
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BEM-NIRFAST: open source software for 3D image-guided near infrared spectroscopy using boundary element method
Author(s): Subhadra Srinivasan; Hamid R. Ghadyani; Michael Jeremyn
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Three-dimensional image-guided fluorescence using boundary element method and dual reciprocity method
Author(s): Rong Yang; Subhadra Srinivasan; Robert L. Scot Drysdale
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3D-surface reconstruction method for diffuse optical tomography phantoms and tissues using structured and polarized light
Author(s): K. Baum; R. Hartmann; T. Bischoff; F. Himmelreich; J. T. Heverhagen
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