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Wavelets XIII
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Volume Number: 7446
Date Published: 24 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7446
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Wavelet domain mutual information synchronization of multimodal cardiac microscopy image sequences
Author(s): Michael Liebling; Hiranmayi Ranganathan
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Multiresolution multiscale active mask segmentation of fluorescence microscope images
Author(s): Gowri Srinivasa; Matthew Fickus; Jelena Kovačević
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Sparse algebraic reconstruction for fluorescence mediated tomography
Author(s): Arrate Muñoz-Barrutia; Carlos Pardo-Martin; Thomas Pengo; Carlos Ortiz-de-Solorzano
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Compressed sensing in biological microscopy
Author(s): Marcio de Moraes Marim; Elsa D. Angelini; Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin
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Multiple channel estimation using spectrally random probes
Author(s): Justin Romberg
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A sparsity detection framework for on-off random access channels
Author(s): Alyson K. Fletcher; Sundeep Rangan; Vivek K. Goyal
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Compressed sensing of autoregressive processes
Author(s): Venkatesh Saligrama; Manqi Zhao
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Steerlets: a novel approach to rigid-motion covariant multiscale transforms
Author(s): Robert Azencott; Bernhard G. Bodmann; Manos Papadakis
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Development of a digital shearlet transform based on Pseudo-Polar FFT
Author(s): Gitta Kutyniok; Morteza Shahram; David L. Donoho
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Inverse halftoning using a shearlet representation
Author(s): Glenn R. Easley; Vishal M. Patel; Dennis M. Healy Jr.
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Signal restoration with overcomplete wavelet transforms: comparison of analysis and synthesis priors
Author(s): Ivan W. Selesnick; Mário A. T. Figueiredo
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A curve representation of human activity
Author(s): Sheng Yi; Hamid Krim
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Sparsity and persistence in time-frequency sound representations
Author(s): Matthieu Kowalski; Bruno Torrésani
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Efficient analysis and representation of geophysical processes using localized spherical basis functions
Author(s): Frederik J. Simons; Jessica C. Hawthorne; Ciarán D. Beggan
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Compressed sensing in astronomy and remote sensing: a data fusion perspective
Author(s): J. Bobin; J.-L. Starck
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Compressed sensing for radio interferometry: spread spectrum imaging techniques
Author(s): Y. Wiaux; G. Puy; Y. Boursier; P. Vandergheynst
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Duals and invariances of frame sequences
Author(s): Shannon Bishop; Christopher Heil; Yoo Young Koo; Jae Kun Lim
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A new class of seeded real lapped tight frame transforms
Author(s): Aliaksei Sandryhaila; Amina Chebira; Markus Püschel; Jelena Kovačević
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Lattice quantization error for redundant representations
Author(s): Sergiy Borodachov; Yang Wang
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A low complexity replacement scheme for erased frame coefficients
Author(s): Bernhard G. Bodmann; Peter G. Casazza; Gitta Kutyniok; Steven Senger
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Erasure-proof transmissions: fusion frames meet coding theory
Author(s): Bernhard G. Bodmann; Gitta Kutyniok
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Optimality in the design of overcomplete decompositions
Author(s): Nick Kingsbury; H. Joel Trussell
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Learning real and complex overcomplete representations from the statistics of natural images
Author(s): Bruno A. Olshausen; Charles F. Cadieu; David K. Warland
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Gabor wavelet analysis and the fractional Hilbert transform
Author(s): Kunal Narayan Chaudhury; Michael Unser
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Solving inverse problems with overcomplete transforms and convex optimization techniques
Author(s): L. Chaâri; N. Pustelnik; C. Chaux; J.-C. Pesquet
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Oscillatory plus transient signal decomposition using overcomplete rational-dilation wavelet transforms
Author(s): Ivan W. Selesnick; İlker Bayram
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Wavelet primal sketch representation using Marr wavelet pyramid and its reconstruction
Author(s): Dimitri Van De Ville; Michael Unser
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Pyramid-based texture synthesis using local orientation and multidimensional histogram matching
Author(s): Dimitri Van De Ville; Matthieu Guerquin-Kern; Michael Unser
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Self-similar random vector fields and their wavelet analysis
Author(s): Pouya Dehghani Tafti; Michael Unser
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Monogenic wavelet frames
Author(s): Stefan Held; Martin Storath
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Dual frame symmetric wavelets with limited redundancy
Author(s): Farras Abdelnour
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Stable space splittings and fusion frames
Author(s): Peter Oswald
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Constructing fusion frames with desired parameters
Author(s): Robert Calderbank; Peter G. Casazza; Andreas Heinecke; Gitta Kutyniok; Ali Pezeshki
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Constructions and existence of tight fusion frames
Author(s): Peter G. Casazza; Matthew Fickus; Dustin G. Mixon; Yang Wang; Zhengfang Zhou
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Compressed sensing for fusion frames
Author(s): Petros Boufounos; Gitta Kutyniok; Holger Rauhut
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Discriminative k metrics and the Chan-Vese model for object detection and segmentation
Author(s): Arthur Szlam; Guillermo Sapiro
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When are frames close to equal-norm Parseval frames?
Author(s): Bernhard G. Bodmann; Peter G. Casazza
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Reliable structural information from multiscale decomposition with the Mellor-Brady filter
Author(s): Tünde Szilágyi; Michael Brady
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Poisson denoising on the sphere
Author(s): J. Schmitt; J. L. Starck; J. Fadili; I. Grenier; J. M. Casandjian
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Poisson noise removal in multivariate count data
Author(s): J. M. Fadili; J.-L. Starck; B. Zhang; S. Digel
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3D inpainting using sparse representations
Author(s): A. Woiselle; J.-L. Starck; J. Fadili
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Sparsity constraints for hyperspectral data analysis: linear mixture model and beyond
Author(s): J. Bobin; Y. Moudden; J.-L. Starck; J. Fadili
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An aggregator point of view on NL-Means
Author(s): J. Salmon; E. Le Pennec
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Distributed compressed sensing for sensor networks using thresholding
Author(s): Mohammad Golbabaee; Pierre Vandergheynst
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