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Biosensing II
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Volume Number: 7397
Date Published: 20 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7397
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical microcavities: single virus detection and nanoparticle trapping
Author(s): Frank Vollmer; Stephen Arnold
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Silicon-based mesoporous photonic crystals: towards single cell optical biosensors
Author(s): Kristopher A. Kilian; Astrid Magenau; Till Böcking; Katharina Gaus; Michael Gal; J. Justin Gooding
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Optical glucose monitoring using vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs)
Author(s): Sahba Talebi Fard; Werner Hofmann; Pouria Talebi Fard; Ezra Kwok; Markus-Christian Amann; Lukas Chrostowski
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Thermal characteristics and analysis of quantum cascade lasers for biochemical sensing applications
Author(s): Jae Su Yu; Hee Kwan Lee; Steven Slivken; Manijeh Razeghi
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High-sensitivity near-IR absorption measurements of nanoliter samples in a cavity enhanced fiber sensor
Author(s): Anthony L. Gomez; Julia A. Fruetel; Ray P. Bambha
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Novel approaches to biosensing and nano-biological interactions
Author(s): Nathaniel C. Cady; Nicholas Fahrenkopf; Aaron Mosier
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Bio-inspired polymer optics
Author(s): G. Beadie; E. Fleet; James S. Shirk; A. Hiltner; E. Baer
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Reactive derivatives of gramicidin enable light- and ion-modulated ion channels
Author(s): Michael X. Macrae; Steven Blake; Thomas Mayer; Michael Mayer; Jerry Yang
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Multimodal plasmonic nanosensor for the detection of pathogenic bacteria
Author(s): Li-Lin Tay; John Hulse; Shannon Ryan; Jamshid Tanha; Jeff Fraser; Xiaohua Wu
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Glucose sensing using 3D array of reproducible surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates
Author(s): Dinish U. S; Chit Yaw Fu; Ajay Agarwal; Praveen Thoniyot; Malini Olivo
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Refinement of a SPR sensor for application within air-tight buildings
Author(s): Emma Bryce; James Sommerville; Kofi Aidoo
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Toxins and antimicrobial peptides: interactions with membranes
Author(s): Diana E. Schlamadinger; Jonathan E. Gable; Judy E. Kim
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Functional modular contact lens
Author(s): Angela J. Shum; Melissa Cowan; Ilkka Lähdesmäki; Andrew Lingley; Brian Otis; Babak A. Parviz
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Chemiluminescent solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) and interations with intact skin
Author(s): Jennifer Breidenich; Julia Patrone; Lisa Kelly; Jason Benkoski; Huong Le; Jennifer Sample
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Biosensing platforms for wireless health
Author(s): Lawrence K. Au; William J. Kaiser
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The design of a wireless portable device for personalized ultraviolet monitoring
Author(s): Navid Amini; Jerrid E. Matthews; Alireza Vahdatpour; Majid Sarrafzadeh
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A parametric design study of an electrochemical sensor
Author(s): Daniel E. Garcia; Ting-Hsuan Chen; Fang Wei; Chih-Ming Ho
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The role of the protein surface on the local biological water dynamics
Author(s): Wei Liang; Yunfen He; Deepu George; A. G. Markelz
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A dynamic surface plasmon resonance imager based on interferometric phase measurements
Author(s): Jya-Hong Yan; Yi-Chun Chen; Cheng-Chung Lee
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Integration of DNA molecules in microelectronic environment using dielectrophoresis
Author(s): Ch. Leiterer; A. Csaki; N. Jahr; R. Kretschmer; W. Fritzsche
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Electrically conductive gold nanowires on DNA scaffolds
Author(s): Subrata Kundu; Hong Liang
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Surface plasmon resonance biosensors for highly sensitive detection in real samples
Author(s): B. Sepúlveda; L. G. Carrascosa; D. Regatos; M. A. Otte; D. Fariña; L. M. Lechuga
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Label-free biosensors on silicon-on-insulator optical chips
Author(s): Katrien De Vos; Peter Debackere; Tom Claes; Jordi Girones; Wout De Cort; Etienne Schacht; Roel G. Baets; Peter Bienstman
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A hybrid CMOS-microfluidic contact imaging microsystem
Author(s): Ritu Raj Singh; Lian Leng; Axel Guenther; Roman Genov
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Enhanced sensitivity by optimizing metal thicknesses in intensity-interrogation surface plasmon resonance biosensors
Author(s): Chung-Tien Li; Ta-Jen Yen
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The effect of design parameters of metallic substrate on the reproducibility of SERS measurement for biosensing
Author(s): Chit Yaw Fu; Zhen Yu Koh; Kiang Wei Kho; Dinish U. S; Thoniyot Praveen; Malini Olivo
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Topology, dynamics, and control in cortical blood flow elucidated with optical techniques
Author(s): Philbert S. Tsai; Pablo Blinder; Patrick Drew; Jonathan Driscoll; Diana Jeong; John P. Kaufhold; Andy Shih; Ilya Valmianski; David Kleinfeld
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