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Photon Counting Applications, Quantum Optics, and Quantum Information Transfer and Processing II
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Volume Number: 7355
Date Published: 8 May 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7355
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Photon physics: from wave mechanics to quantum electrodynamics
Author(s): Ole Keller
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Quantum interference by coherence transfer from spin to orbital angular momentum of photons
Author(s): E. Nagali; F. Sciarrino; L. Sansoni; F. De Martini; L. Marrucci; B. Piccirillo; E. Karimi; E. Santamato
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Micro-macro entangled photon systems: results and perspectives
Author(s): Chiara Vitelli; Nicolò Spagnolo; Fabio Sciarrino; Francesco De Martini
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X-entanglement of PDC photon pairs
Author(s): L. Caspani; E. Brambilla; O. Jedrkiewicz; L. A. Lugiato; A. Gatti
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Complete bi-partite CV entanglement characterization via coveriance matrix measurement
Author(s): Alberto Porzio; Virginia D'Auria; Stefano Fornaro; Salvatore Solimeno
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Wafer fused InP-GaAs optically pumped semiconductor disk laser operating at 1.57 um
Author(s): Jari Lyytikäinen; Jussi Rautiainen; Alexei Sirbu; Alexandru Mereuta; Andrei Caliman; Eli Kapon; Oleg Okhotnikov
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Quantum well heterostructures studied by deep-level transient spectroscopy
Author(s): Jitka Kosíková; Karel Žd'ánský; Alok Rudra; Eli Kapon
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Avalanche photodiode output pulse rise-time study
Author(s): Josef Blazej; Ivan Prochazka
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High gain and low excess noise near infrared single photon avalanche detector
Author(s): Krishna Linga; Yuriy Yevtukhov; Bing Liang
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Simulation modelling for the analysis and the optimal design of SPAD detectors for time-resolved fluorescence measurements
Author(s): Marina Repich; David Stoppa; Lucio Pancheri; Gian-Franco Dalla Betta
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Dynamic range of submicron/nanoparticle sizing with photon correlation LDA
Author(s): L. Vámos; P. Jani
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Very fast photon counting photometers for astronomical applications: IquEYE for the ESO 3.5m New Technology Telescope
Author(s): Cesare Barbieri; Giampiero Naletto; Ivan Capraro; Tommaso Occhipinti; Enrico Verroi; Paolo Zoccarato; Claudia Facchinetti; Claudio Germanà; Marco Parrozzani; Mirco Zaccariotto; Gabriele Anzolin; Fabrizio Tamburini; Andrea Di Paola; Enrico Giro; Giovanni Bonanno; Sergio Billotta; Claudio Pernechele; Pietro Bolli; Luca Zampieri; Andrea Possenti; Andrej Cadez
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Multilayer cloud monitoring by micro-Joule lidar based on photon counting receiver and diode laser
Author(s): S. M. Pershin; A. N. Lyash; V. S. Makarov; K. Hamal; I. Prochazka; B. Sopko
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Observing variable stars and transiting exo-planets with single photon counting
Author(s): Georg Kirchner; Franz Koidl; Anton Dusleag; Farhat Iqbal; Erich Leitgeb
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Graz kHz SLR LIDAR: first results
Author(s): Georg Kirchner; Franz Koidl; Daniel Kucharski; Walther Pachler; Matthias Seiss; Erich Leitgeb
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Monolithic time-to-amplitude converter for photon timing applications
Author(s): D. Resnati; I. Rech; M. Ghioni; S. Cova
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SPAD active quenching circuit optimized for satellite laser ranging applications
Author(s): Jan Kodet; Ivan Prochazka; Franz Koidl; Georg Kirchner; Matthew Wilkinson
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Modeling photon detection efficiency and temporal response of single photon avalanche diodes
Author(s): Angelo Gulinatti; Ivan Rech; Silvia Fumagalli; Mattia Assanelli; Massimo Ghioni; Sergio D. Cova
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The development of extremely low noise InAs electron APDs for photon counting applications in SWIR/MWIR wavelengths
Author(s): Chee Hing Tan; Andrew Marshall; Matthew J. Steer; John P. R. David
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Sensitivity of a receiver using GaInAsSb/AlGaAsSb SAM avalanche photodiode for long-wavelength optical communication systems in the mid-infrared spectral range
Author(s): M. P. Mikhailova; I. A. Andreev; E. V. Kunitsyna; Yu. P. Yakovlev
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