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Metamaterials II
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Volume Number: 6581
Date Published: 3 May 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6581
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Magnetic response and negative refractive index of metamaterials
Author(s): Th. Koschny; J. Zhou; C. M. Soukoulis
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General relativity in electrical engineering
Author(s): U. Leonhardt; T. G. Philbin
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A simple recipe for negatively refracting metamaterials via homogenization
Author(s): Tom G. Mackay; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Binary-nanoparticle left-handed metamaterial for optical frequencies
Author(s): Alexander A. Zharov; Roman E. Noskov
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New properties of light in metamaterials
Author(s): Shanhui Fan; Jonghwa Shin; Jung-Tsung Shen
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Metamaterials driven by gain and special configurations
Author(s): A. D. Boardman; N. King; Yu. Rapoport
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Metamaterial phenomenons via uniform motion
Author(s): Tom G. Mackay; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Detuning conditions for negative dielectric in optical metamaterials
Author(s): Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos
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Formation of glass-metal metamaterials via reactive diffusion: a model
Author(s): Valentina Zhurikhina; Andrey Lipovskii; Yuri Kaganovskii
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Directive emission from a single subwavelength aperture in a periodically corrugated silver film
Author(s): Filippo Capolino; Rui Qiang; David R. Jackson; Ji Chen
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Metal-dielectric composite optical structures with novel dynamic tunable localized surface-plasmonic effects
Author(s): Yuyang Feng; Morten Willatzen; Niels Lervad Andersen
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Surface lattice solitons: analytical solutions
Author(s): Y. Kominis; A. Papadopoulos; I. Tsopelas; S. Droulias; N. Efremidis; G. Papazisimos; K. Hizanidis
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Nonlinear surface waves in a left handed material (LHM) and super lattices (LANS) wave-guide structure
Author(s): H. M. Mousa; M. M. Shabat
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Optically tunable photonic crystals used as devices for the THz range
Author(s): Filip Kadlec; Petr Kužel
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Terahertz metamaterials for active, tunable, and dynamic devices
Author(s): Nathan I. Landy; Hou-Tong Chen; John F. O'Hara; Joshua M. O. Zide; Arthur C. Gossard; Clark Highstrete; Mark Lee; Antoinette J. Taylor; Richard D. Averitt; Willie J. Padilla
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Metamaterials as complex dielectrics in the design of a new class of integrated circuits
Author(s): Alessandro Toscano; Lucio Vegni; Filiberto Bilotti; Sebastian Emanuel Lauro
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Bidimensional phase-varying metamaterial for steering beam antenna
Author(s): Abdelwaheb Ourir; Shah Nawaz Burokur; André de Lustrac
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Faraday effect enhancement in metal-dielectric plasmonic systems
Author(s): V. I. Belotelov; L. L. Doskolovich; V. A. Kotov; E. A. Bezus; D. A. Bykov; A. K. Zvezdin
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Birefringence of nanoporous alumina: experiment vs. theory
Author(s): A. A. Lutich; M. B. Danailov; S. Volchek; V. A. Yakovtseva; V. A. Sokol; S. V. Gaponenko
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Two-photon polymerization and the applications in plasmonics
Author(s): Sven Passinger; Andrey Stepanov; Andrey Evlyukhin; Carsten Reinhardt; Roman Kiyan; Boris Chichkov
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Analysis of resonant responses of split ring resonators using conformal mapping techniques
Author(s): Scott G. McMeekin; Ali Z. Khokhar; Basudev Lahiri; Richard M. De La Rue; Nigel P. Johnson
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Dispersion effects in light pulses refracted from right- to left-handed media
Author(s): J. Pniewski; T. Szoplik; M. Scalora
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Modeling of photonic crystal waveguide structures
Author(s): Ivan Richter; Pavel Kwiecien; Milan Šiňor; Adam Haiduk
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Numerical modeling of pseudo-isotropic negative refractive index media
Author(s): Tien-Chung Yang; Yu-Hang Yang; Ta-Jen Yen
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Electromagnetic waves in absorbing uniaxial metamaterials
Author(s): Evgenii Starodubtsev
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Filtering properties of the LHM-RHM layered structures
Author(s): Karol Król; Jacek Pniewski; Rafał Kotyński
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Diffraction analysis of photonic metamaterials using a transmission line formulation
Author(s): Nima Dabidian; Mahmoud Shahabadi; Ahad Tavakoli
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Photonic band structure of one-dimensional aperiodic superlattices composed of negative refraction metamaterials
Author(s): Michał H. Tyc; Włodzimierz Salejda; Agnieszka Klauzer-Kruszyna; Karol Tarnowski
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Propagation of polarized light through superlattices composed of left- and right-handed materials
Author(s): Karol Tarnowski; Włodzimierz Salejda; Michał H. Tyc; Agnieszka Klauzer-Kruszyna
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Self-similar non-Bragg band gaps in fractal metamaterial multilayers
Author(s): Juan A. Monsoriu; Ricardo A. Depine; Enrique Silvestre; Pedro Andrés
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