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Multimodal Biomedical Imaging II
Editor(s): Fred S. Azar
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Volume Number: 6431
Date Published: 30 January 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6431
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical scatter imaging: a microscopic modality for the rapid morphological assay of living cells
Author(s): Nada N. Boustany
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Near-infrared optical tomography: endoscopic imaging approach
Author(s): Daqing Piao; Hao Xie; Cameron Musgrove; Charles F. Bunting; Weili Zhang; Guolong Zhang; Ellen B. Domnick-Davidsion; Kenneth Eugene Bartels D.V.M.; G. Reed Holyoak; Sreenivas N. Vemulapalli; Hamid Dehghani; Brian W. Pogue
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Fast optical response to electrical activation in peripheral nerves
Author(s): Debbie K. Chen; Yunjie Tong; Angelo Sassaroli; Peter R. Bergethon M.D.; Sergio Fantini
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Diffuse optical fluorescence tomography using time-resolved data acquired in transmission
Author(s): Frederic Leblond; Simon Fortier; Michael P. Friedlander
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Fluorescence optical tomography with a priori information
Author(s): Murat Guven; Birsen Yazici; Vasilis Ntziachristos
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Image reconstruction and evaluation of system performance for optical fluorescence tomography
Author(s): Tim Nielsen; Bernhard Brendel; Thomas Koehler; Ronny Ziegler; Andy Ziegler; Leon Bakker; Michiel van Beek; Martin van der Mark; Marjolein van der Voort; Rik Harbers; Kai Licha; Martin Pessel; F. Schippers; J. P. Meeuwse; Andrea Feuerabend; Dirk van Pijkeren; Sjaak Deckers
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Cell segmentation for division rate estimation in computerized video time-lapse microscopy
Author(s): Weijun He; Xiaoxu Wang; Dimitris N. Metaxas; Robin Mathew; Eileen White
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Structural a priori information in near-infrared optical tomography
Author(s): Hamid Dehghani; Colin M. Carpenter; Phaneendra K. Yalavarthy; Brian W. Pogue; Joseph P. Culver
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Combination of magnetic resonance imaging and diffuse optical spectroscopy to predict radiation response in the breast: an exploratory pilot study
Author(s): Catherine S. Klifa; Jona Hattangadi; M. Watkins; A. Li; T. Sakata; B. Tromberg; N. Hylton; C. Park M.D.
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Simultaneous monitoring of multiple contrast agents using a hybrid MR-DOT system
Author(s): Gultekin Gulsen; Mehmet Burcin Unlu; Ozlem Birgul; Orhan Nalcioglu
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Optical tomography as adjunct to x-ray mammography: methods and results
Author(s): Mario Khayat; Zahia Ichalalene; Niculae Mincu; Fredéric Leblond; Olga Guilman; Salim Djeziri
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Dynamic frequency domain tomography system and phantom test
Author(s): Shudong Jiang; Brian W. Pogue; Keith D. Paulsen
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Clinical data analysis for the combined optical and tomosynthesis breast imaging
Author(s): Qianqian Fang; Juliette Selb; Stefan A. Carp; Greg Boverman; Daniel B. Kopans; Richard H. Moore; David A. Boas
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A comparison of edge constrained optical reconstruction methods incorporating spectral and MR-derived spatial information
Author(s): Colin M. Carpenter; Subhadra Srinivasan; Brian Pogue; Hamid Dehghani; Keith D. Paulsen
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Multi-modal and multi-wavelength imaging in xenografts bearing human tumor cells
Author(s): Sunkuk Kwon; Shi Ke; Wei Wang; Arlin G. Cameron; Eva Marie Sevick-Muraca
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Fast interactive registration tool for reproducible multi-spectral imaging for wound healing and treatment evaluation
Author(s): Herke Jan Noordmans; Rowland de Roode; Rudolf Verdaasdonk
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X-ray and optical multimodality tomographer for small animal examination
Author(s): A. Da Silva; M. Leabad; T. Bordy; J.-M. Dinten; P. Peltié; P. Rizo
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Multimodal confocal mosaicing of basal cell carcinomas in Mohs surgical skin excisions
Author(s): Daniel S. Gareau; Yogesh G. Patel; Yongbiao Li; Kishwer S. Nehal; Billy Huang; Milind Rajadhyaksha
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Modeling in vivo fluorescence of small animals using TracePro software
Author(s): Silas Leavesley; Bartek Rajwa; Edward R. Freniere; Linda Smith; Richard Hassler; J. Paul Robinson
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A new application for displaying and fusing multimodal data sets
Author(s): Karl G. Baum; María Helguera; Andrzej Krol
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Interstitial fluid pressure due to externally applied force in breast tissue
Author(s): Andrew L. Darling; Phaneendra K. Yalavarthy; Hamid Dehghani; Brian W. Pogue
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Using fluorescence molecular tomography for multimodality fusion imaging
Author(s): Sunder Balasubramanian; Brian Carmignani; Naresh Kujala; Domingo Pacheco; Lixin Ma; Charles Smith; Timothy Hoffman; Wynn Volkert; Ping Yu
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X-ray guided three-dimensional diffuse optical tomography: in vivo study of osteoarthritis in the finger joints
Author(s): Qizhi Zhang; Zhen Yuan; Eric Sobel; Huabei Jiang
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Design of a frequency domain instrument for simultaneous optical tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of small animals
Author(s): James M. Masciotti; Shaheed Rahim; Jarrett Grover; Andreas H. Hielscher
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