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Therapeutic Laser Applications and Laser-Tissue Interactions II

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Volume Number: 5863
Date Published: 19 August 2005

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Finite element method-simulation of the human lens during accommodation
Author(s): P. Breitenfeld; T. Ripken; H. Lubatschowski
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Theory concerning the ablation of corneal tissue with large-area, 193-nm excimer laser beams
Author(s): C. R. Munnerlyn; A. L. Munnerlyn; M. E. Arnoldussen; B. A. Logan
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Nucleation and dynamics of bubbles forming around laser heated microabsorbers
Author(s): Jorg Neumann; Ralf Brinkmann
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Femtosecond laser manipulation of subcellular organelles in living cells
Author(s): Wataru Watanabe; Tomoko Shimada; Kazuyoshi Itoh; Sachihiro Matsunaga; Kiichi Fukui
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Nerve regeneration in C. elegans after femtosecond laser axotomy
Author(s): Mehmet Fatih Yanik; Hulusi Cinar; Hediye Nese Cinar; Andrew D. Chisholm; Yishi Jin; Adela Ben-Yakar
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Gene transfer by the use of laser-induced stress wave: cell type dependence of transfection efficiency
Author(s): Mitsuhiro Terakawa; Shunichi Sato; Hiroshi Ashida; Minoru Obara
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Hemostatic properties of a new cw 2µm laser scalpel for laparoscopic surgery
Author(s): D. Theisen-Kunde; V. Ott; R. Brinkmann; R. Keller
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Endoscopic cystoventriculostomy and ventriculo-cysternostomy using a 2.0 micron fiber guided cw laser in children with hydrocephalus
Author(s): Hans C. Ludwig; Thomas Kruschat; Torsten Knobloch; Kevin M Rostasy; Heinrich O. Teichmann; Michael Buchfelder
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Bone tissue ablation with CO2 lasers at different pulse durations
Author(s): M. Ivanenko; S. Afilal; M. Werner; P. Hering
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Diode laser treatment for osteal and osteoarticular panaritium
Author(s): Valery A. Privalov; Ivan V. Krochek; Alexander V. Lappa; Andrew N. Poltavsky; Andrew A. Antonov
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Indocyanine green-laser thermolysis of acne vulgaris
Author(s): Elina A. Genina; Alexey N. Bashkatov; Georgy V. Simonenko; Valery V. Tuchin; Ilya V. Yaroslavsky; Gregory B. Altshuler
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Infrared free electron laser enhanced transdermal drug delivery
Author(s): Kunio Awazu; Takeyuki Uchizono; Sachiko Suzuki; Kazushi Yoshikawa
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Selective damage of coloration centers inhomogeneously distributed in skin tissue under nanosecond near-IR laser pulses
Author(s): Ludmila V. Chernyshova; Dmitrii M. Kulakov; Vladimir M. Chernyak
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Correction of biochemical and functional disorders in brain ischaemia with laser therapy
Author(s): Julia I. Musienko; Natalia I. Nechipurenko; Ludmila A. Vasilevskaya
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External and intralesional photocoagulation of hemangioma in children with infrared diode laser
Author(s): Ivan A. Abushkin; Valery A. Privalov; Alexander V. Lappa; Evgeny L. Besshtanko
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Pulse laser heating of blood vessels
Author(s): Liudmila Astafyeva; George Zheltov; Wolf-Dieter Schmidt
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Pre-treatment dosimetry for interstitial photodynamic therapy
Author(s): A. Johansson; J. Hjelm; A. Eriksson; S. Andersson-Engels
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Characterization of the modeled fluence distribution for non-ideal cylindrical diffusers in intraluminal and interstitial settings
Author(s): Augusto Rendon; Daniel Cote; Leonid Vesselov; Lothar Lilge
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Photodynamic therapy of diseased bone
Author(s): Stuart K. Bisland; Albert Yee; Jeffery Siewerdsen; Brian C. Wilson; Shane Burch
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The susceptibility of bacteria to photodynamic inactivation with lanthanide complexes of chlorin e6
Author(s): Artur Bednarkiewicz; Zuzanna Drulis-Kawa; Rafal Wiglusz; Janina Legendziewicz; Gabriela Bugla-Ploskonska; Wlodzimierz Doroszkiewicz; Manfred Haupt; Wieslaw Strek
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Antimicrobial photodynamic treatment of gram-negative bacteria with a cationic phenothiazine dye under pulsed light irradiation
Author(s): Satoko Kawauchi; Shunichi Sato; Toru Yamaguchi; Nariyoshi Shinomiya; Daizo Saito; Hiroshi Ashida; Minoru Obara; Makoto Kikuchi
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Pathological diagnosis of bladder cancer by image analysis of hypericin induced fluorescence cystoscopic images
Author(s): James C. Y. Kah; Malini C. Olivo; Weber K. O. Lau; Colin J. R. Sheppard
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Fluorescence guided evaluation of photodynamic therapy as acne treatment
Author(s): Marica B. Ericson; Camilla Horfelt; Elaine Cheng; Frida Larsson; Olle Larko; Ann-Marie Wennberg
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Methylene blue laser therapy for the treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitis
Author(s): Alexey N. Bashkatov; Elina A. Genina; Valery V. Tuchin; Elena E. Chikina; Anatoly B. Knyazev; Oleg V. Mareev
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Five years experience of photodynamic therapy with new chlorin photosensitizer
Author(s): Valery A. Privalov; Alexander V. Lappa; Elena V. Kochneva
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PDT techniques with therapeutic dose saturation
Author(s): B. Ya. Kogan
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