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Mathematical Imaging: Wavelet Applications in Signal and Image Processing
Editor(s): Andrew F. Laine

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Volume Number: 2034
Date Published: 1 November 1993

Table of Contents
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Adapted waveform analysis, wavelet packets, and local cosine libraries as a tool for image processing
Author(s): Ronald Raphael Coifman
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Irregular periodic sampling of images and their derivatives
Author(s): Meir Zibulski; Victor A. Segalescu; Yehoshua Y. Zeevi
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Generalized sampling theory and applications to multiresolutions and wavelets of L2
Author(s): Akram Aldroubi; Michael A. Unser
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Signal extrapolation based on wavelet representation
Author(s): Xiang-Gen Xia; C.-C. Jay Kuo; Zhen Zhang
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Extension of the Karhunen-Loeve transform for wavelets and perfect reconstruction filterbanks
Author(s): Michael A. Unser
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Multiscale method for tomographic reconstruction
Author(s): Mickey Bhatia; William Clement Karl; Alan S. Willsky
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Fast updating in MRI via multiscale localization
Author(s): Tim E. Olson; Dennis M. Healy Jr.; John B. Weaver; Joe DeStefano
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Local inversion of the radon transform in the plane using wavelets
Author(s): David Walnut
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Edge localization in images by symmetrical wavelet transforms
Author(s): Mingui Sun; Ching-Chung Li; Robert J. Sclabassi
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Recognition of 2D objects from the wavelet transform zero-crossing representation
Author(s): Wageeh W. Boles; Quang Minh Tieng
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Nonorthogonal wavelet edge detector with four filter-coefficients
Author(s): HyungJun Kim; Ching-Chung Li
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Gabor-wavelet pyramid for the extraction of image flow
Author(s): Victor C. Chen; Thomas R. Tsao
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Selecting the projection functions used in an iterative Gabor expansion
Author(s): R. Neil Braithwaite; Michael P. Beddoes
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Gabor transform: theory and computations
Author(s): Jie Yao
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Efficient data fusion using wavelet transform: the case of SPOT satellite images
Author(s): Thierry Ranchin; Lucien Wald; Marc Mangolini
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Multiresolution image registration procedure using spline pyramids
Author(s): Michael A. Unser; Akram Aldroubi; Charles R. Gerfen
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Image coding using the embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm
Author(s): Jerome M. Shapiro
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Hybrid technique using spline-wavelet packets and vector quantization for high-rate image compression
Author(s): Qian L. Fridley; Andrew K. Chan; Charles K. Chui; Elaine J. Pettit; Don S. Rhines
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Local cosine transform: a method for the reduction of the blocking effect in JPEG
Author(s): G. Aharoni; Amir Z. Averbuch; Ronald Raphael Coifman; M. Israeli
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Lattice quantization in the wavelet domain
Author(s): William C. Powell; Stephen G. Wilson
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Optimal thresholding in wavelet image compression
Author(s): F. O. Zeppenfeldt; J. B. Boerger; A. Koppes
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Wavelet and subband coding of images: a comparative study
Author(s): Frank H. Hartung; John Hakon Husoy
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Wavelet probing for compression-based segmentation
Author(s): Baiqiao Deng; Bjorn D. Jawerth; Gunnar Peters; Wim Sweldens
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Texture segmentation using wavelet packets
Author(s): Yu-Chuan Lin; Tianhorng Chang; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Adaptive approach for texture segmentation by multichannel wavelet frames
Author(s): Andrew F. Laine; Jian Fan
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Matrix approach to frame analysis of Gabor-type image representation
Author(s): Meir Zibulski; Yehoshua Y. Zeevi
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Local frames
Author(s): Anthony Teolis; John J. Benedetto
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Portraits of frames: overcomplete representations with applications to image processing
Author(s): Akram Aldroubi
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Perfectly invertible, fast, and complete wavelet transform for finite-length sequences: the discrete periodic wavelet transform
Author(s): Neil H. Getz
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Fast orthogonal-transform algorithms for multiresolution time-sequency signal decomposition and processing
Author(s): Andrzej Drygajlo
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High-performance wavelet engine
Author(s): Fred J. Taylor; Jonathon D. Mellot; Erik Strom; Iztok Koren; Michael P. Lewis
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Optical Harr wavelet transform for image feature extraction
Author(s): Guofan Jin; Yingbai Yan; Wenlu Wang; James Zhiqing Wen; Minxian Wu
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Detection of signal in noise using optimum wavelet receiver
Author(s): Victor C. Chen
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Wavelet identification of transients in noisy time series
Author(s): Rene A. Carmona
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Detection of anomalies in an image by wavelet analysis
Author(s): Mahmoud Allam; Jun Zhang
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Quantifying features in the dynamic spectra of radio pulsars: localization of fringe features using wavelet transforms
Author(s): Roger S. Foster; Steven C. Matney
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Speckle reduction in synthetic aperture radar imagery using wavelets
Author(s): Thierry Ranchin; Francois Cauneau
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Wavelet packet algorithm and its application in signal detection
Author(s): Guanghui Zhang; Zailu Huang; Zhengqiang Huang
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Wavelet compression through wavelet Stieltjes transform
Author(s): Mo-Hong Chou; EnBing Lin
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