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Selected Papers on Optical Microscopy
Editor(s): Marion B. Rhodes
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Date Published: 18 July 2000
Pages: 618
ISBN: 9780819438027
Volume: MS163

Table of Contents
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xv Preface
Marion B. Rhodes
Section One
3 The significant details Mortimer Abramowitz (in Microscope Basics and Beyond 1985)
20 Contrast methods in microscopy: transmitted light Mortimer Abramowitz (Contrast Methods in Microscopy: Transmitted Light 1987)
50 Polarized light analysis Peter H. Bartels (Microchemical Journal 1963)
72 Analysis of submicroscopic structures in resins by polarized light Manfred Mahmmacher (in Resinographic Methods 1964)
83 Introduction to phase microscopy Alva H. Bennett, Harold Osterberg, Helen Jupnik, Oscar W. Richards (in Phase Microscopy: Principles and Applications 1951)
95 Measurement with phase and interference microscopes Oscar W. Richards (in Symposium in Microscopy 1959)
108 Phase contrast, a new method for the microscopic observation of transparent objecsts. Part 1. F. Zernike (Physica 1942)
121 Phase contrast, a new method for the microscopic observation of transparent objects. Part II F. Zernike (Physica 1942)
136 An introduction to the theory of interference microscopy Oscar W. Richards (in Introduction to Quantitative Cytochemistry, G. L. Wied editor 1966)
155 Modulation contrast microscope Robert Hoffman, Leo Gross (Applied Optics 1975)
163 Resolving power and limit of useful magnification in visual observation and photomicrography H.W. Zieler (New York Microscopical Society Yearbook 1964/65)
Section Two
Methods and Applications
175 Infrared spectrometry of small samples with the reflecting microscope R.C. Gore (Science 1949)
177 Design and performance of an infrared microscope attachment Vincent J. Coates, Abe Offner, E.H. Siegler, Jr. (Journal of the Optical Society of America)
183 FT-IR microscopy: microanalysis using infra-red spectroscopy Gary Nichols (Proceedings of the Royal Microscopy Society 1990)
190 The determination of the refractive indices of inhomogeneous solids by interference Microscopy R.C. Faust (Proceedings of the Physical Society B 1954)
201 A method for measuring cell membrane thickness of polyurethane foam Kanji Akahori, Kazuo Fujimoto (in International Progress in Urethans, K. Ashida and K.C. Frisch, editors, 1980)
218 A method for measuring small retardations of structures in living cells Shinya Inoue (Experimental Cell Research 1951)
223 Two-beam interference; multiple beam interference S. Tolansky (in Multiple-Beam Interferometry of Surfaces and Films 1948)
246 New contributions to interferometry. Part V. New multiple beam white light Interference fringes and their applications S. Tolansky (Philosophical Magazine 1945)
256 Transmission multiple beam interferometry of polymer films M.B. Rhodes (in Structure and Properties of Polymer Films, R.W. Lenz and R.S. Stein, editors, 1973)
273 A high-resolution surface-profile microscope S. Tolansky (Nature 1952)
275 Interference of polarized light. Excerpt: analysis of polarized light Francis A. Jenkins, Harvey E. White (in Fundamentals of Optics 1957)
277 The optical behavior of spherulities in crystalline polymers. Part II. The growth and Structure of the spherulites H.D. Keith, F.J. Padden, Jr. (Journal of Polymer Science 1959)
293 Basic optics and their determination; and Thermotropic mesomorphism of single Compounds: general Norman H. Hartshorne (in The Microscoy of Liquid Crystals 1974)
325 General considerations in universal stage work; and Orientation procedure R.C. Emmons (in The Universtal Stage 1943)
357 An improved single-axis rotation apparatus for the study of crystals under the Polarizing microscope N.H. Hartshorne, P. McL. Swift (Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society 1955)
363 A precision universal stage for the microscopical examination of fracture surfaces J.F. McNeil (Metallurgia 1956)
367 The use of Becke line colors in refractive index determination R.C. Emmons, R.M. Gates (Americal Mineralogist 1948)
374 Holographic microscopy Raoul F. van Ligten, Harold Osterberg (Nature 1966)
375 Linear phase microscopy Gary E. Sommargren, Brian J. Thompson (Applied Optics 1973)
384 Nomarski differential interference contrast microscopy for surface slope measurements: An examination of techniques J.S. Hartman, R.L. Gordon, D.L. Lessor (Applied Optics 1981)
389 Methods of particle -size analysis R.P. Loveland (in Symposium on Light Microscopy 1953)
422 The use of computerized microscopic image analysis to determine emulsion droplet size Distributions Paivi Joekla, Paul D.I. Fletcher, Robert Aveyard, Jian-Ren Lu (Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 1990)
432 Manual methods John C. Russ (in Practical Stereology 1986)
Section Three
Historical and Philosophical Perspectives
453 The microscope as a technical frontier in science G. L�E. Turner (in Historical Aspects of Microscopy, S. Bradbury and G. L�E. Turner, editors, 1967)
478 On microscopy in the United States Henry Crouch (American Journal of Microscopy and Popular Science 1877)
482 Three American microscope builders [excerpt: Charles A. Spencer] Hamilton L. Smith (in Three Americal Microscope Builders 1945)
506 One hundred years of microscopy in the United States Oscar W. Richards (Centennial Yearbook of the New York Microscopical Society 1977)
520 The history of the microscope M. Rooseboom (Proceedings of the Royal Microscopy Society 1967)
548 Light microscopy (1865-1985) Brian Bracegirdle (Microscopy 1989)
565 How I discovered phase contrast F. Zernike (Science 1955)
570 Description of Professor Abbe�s apertometer, with instructions for its use Carl Zeiss (Journal of the Royal Microscopy Society 1878)
575 The finesse of microscopical technique Roy M. Allen (New York Microscopical Society Yearbook 1955)
582 Teaching industrial microscopy C.W. Mason (New York Microscopical Society Yearbook 1953)
586 The human element in microscopy T.G. Rochow (New York Microscopical Society Yearbook 1958)
593 The philosophy of chemical microscopy Mary L. Willard (New York Microscopical Society Yearbook 1956)
599 Author Index
601 Subject Index

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