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Selected Papers on Upconversion Lasers
Editor(s): Timothy R. Gosnell
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Date Published: 15 September 2000
Pages: 470
ISBN: 9780819437938
Volume: MS161

Table of Contents
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xv Preface
T.R. Gosnell
xvii Introduction
T.R. Gosnell
Section One
Early History
5 Solid State infrared quantum counters N. Bloembergen, (Physical Review Letters 1959)
7 Fluorescence excitation by the absorption of two consecutive photos John F. Porter, Jr. (Physical Review Letters 1961)
9 Cooperative sensitization of luminescence in crystals activated with rare earth ions. V.V. Ovsvakin, P.P. Feofilev (Soviet Physics JEPT Letters 1966)
11 Electronique Quantique - Compteur quantique par transfert D�energie de Yb3+ a Tm3+ dans un tungstate mixte et dans un verre germanate Francois Auzel (Comptes Rendus de l�Academie des Sciences: serie B 1966)
14 Infrared-pumped visible laser L.F. Johnson, H.J. Guggenheim (Applied Physics Letters 1971)
Section Two
Bulk Upconversion Lasers
23 Upconversion-pumped infrared erbium laser S. A. Pollack, D.B. Chang, N.L. Moise (Journal of Applied Physics 1986)
33 Ion-pair upconversion pumped laser emission in Er3+ ions in YAG,YLF, SfF2, and CaF2 crystals S. A. Pollack, D.B. Chang, (Journal of Applied Physics 1988)
42 Threefold upconversion laser at 0.85, 1.23, and 1.73 um in Er:YLF Pumped with a 1.53 um Er glass laser S. A. Pollack, D.B. Chang, M. Birnbaum ( Applied Physics Letters 1989)
45 Infrared (Er)BaY2F8 laser pumped through di-and tri-ionic upconversion process. S.A. Pollack, D.B. Chang, R.A. McFarlane, H. Jenssen (Journal of Applied Physics 1990)
51 Upconversion-pumped 2.8-2.9-um lasing of Er3+ ion in garnets S. A. Pollack, D.B. Chang, M. Birnbaum, M. Kokta (Journal of Applied Physics 1991)
64 Continuous-wave, pair-pumped laser Ping Xie, Stephen C. Rand (Optics Letters 1990)
67 Continuous-wave, trio upconversion laser Ping Xie, Stephen C. Rand (Applied Physics Letters 1992)
70 Astigmatically compensated, high gain cooperative upconversion laser P. Xie, S.C. Rand (Applied Physics Letters 1992)
73 Continuous-wave, fourfold upconversion laser P. Xie, S.C. Rand (Applied Physics Letters 1993)
Section Three
Visible Erbium-Based Upconversion Lasers
79 Green infrared-pumped erbium upconversion laser A.J. Silversmith, W. Lenth, R.M. Macfar lane (Applie Physics Letters 1987)
82 Green infrared-pumped erbium upconversion laserS W. Lenth, A.J. Silversmith, R.M. Macfarlane (in Advances in Laser Science III: Proceedings of the Third International Laser Science Conference, A.C. Tam, J.L. Gold, W.C. Stwalley, editors, 1988)
87 Dual wavelength visible upconversion laser R.A. MacFarlane (Applied Physics Letters 1989)
89 551 nm diode-laser-pumped upconversion laser F. Tong, W.P. Risk, R.M. Macfarlane, W. Lenth (Electronic Letters 1989)
91 Multiwavelength upconversion lasers in fluoride crystals R.A. McFarlane, M. Robinson, S.A. Pollack (in Solid State Lasers, G. Dube editor, 1990)
100 Blue and green cw upconversion lasing in Er:YLiF4 T. Hebert, R. Wannemacher, W. Lenth, R.M. Macfarlane (Applied Physics Letters 1990)
103 High-power visible upconversion laser R. A. M cFarlane (Optics Letters 1991)
106 Visible cooperative upconversion laser in Er:LiYF4 P. Xie, S.C. Rand (Optics Letters 1992)
110 Continuous-wave mode-locked visible upconversion laser P. Xie, S.C. Rand (Optics Letters 1992)
113 Blue, green and yellow upconversion lasing in Er:YLiF4 using 1.5 um pumping R.A. Macfarlane, E. A. Whittaker, W. Lenth (Electronics Letters 1992)
116 Diode-pumped upconversion laser wiht 100-mW output power
R.R. Stephens, R.A. McFarlane (Optics Letters 1993)
119 Green up-conversion laser emission in Er-doped crystals at room temperature R. Brede, E. Heumann, J. Koetke, T. Danger, G. Huber, B. Chai (Applied Physics Letters 1993)
121 Upconversion laser in BaY2F8:Er 5% pumped by ground-state and excited-state absorption R. A. McFarlane (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1994)
131 Green upconversion continuous wave Er3+:LiYF4 laser at room temperature F. Heine, E. Heumann, T. Danger, T. Schweitzer, G. Huber, B. Chai (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
133 Spectroscopy and green upconversion laser emission of Er3+-doped crystals at room temperature T. Danger, J. Koetke, R. Brede, E. Heumann, G. Huber, B.H.T.Chai (Journal of Applied Physics 1994)
143 Er3+:YA1O3 upconversion laser Richard Scheps (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1994)
145 Green Er3+:YLiF4 upconversoin laser at 551 nm with Yb3+ codoping: A novel pumping scheme P.E.-A. Mobert, E. Heumann, G. Huber, B.H.T. Chai (Optics Letters 1997)
Section Four
Thulium-Based Upconversion Lasers
159 Blue-green (450-nm) upconversion Tm3+:YLF laser Dinh C. Nguyen, George E. Faulkner, Michael Dulick Applied Optics 1989)
162 Blue upconversion thulium laser Dinh C. Nguyen, George E. Faulkner, Michael E. Weber, Michael Dulick (In Solid State Lasers, G. Dube editor, 1990)
172 New laser channels of the Tm3+ ion B.M. Antipenko, S.P. Voronin, T.A. Privalova (Optics and Spectroscopy [USSR] 1990)
175 Blue continuously pumped upconversion lasing in Tm:YLiF4 T. Hebert, R. Wannemacher, R.M. Macfarlane, W. Lenth (Applied Physics Letters 1992)
178 Upconversion-pumped blue laser in Tm:YAG B.P. Scott, F. Zhao, R.S.F. Chang, N. Djeu (Optics Letters 1993)
181 Two step pumped YLF:Tm blue upconversion laser A. Knupfer, E. Heumann, V. Ostroumov, G. Huber, V. Lupei, B. Chai (Journal de Physique IV 1994)
185 Upconversion laser emission from Yb3+-sensitized Tm3+ in BaY2F8 R.J. Thrash, L. F. Johnson (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1994Review A 1981)
Section Five
Neodymium and Praseody mium-Bsed Upconversion Lasers
193 Violet cw neodymium upconversion laser R.M. Macfarlane, F. Tong, A.J. Silversmith, W. Lenth (Applied Physics Letters 1998)
196 Photon avalanche upconversion laser at 644 nm M.E. Koch, A. W. Kueny, W.E. Case (Applied Physics Letters 1990)
199 Continuous-wave Pr,Yb:LiYF4 upconversion laser in the red spectral range at room temperature T. Sandrock, E. Heumann, G. Huber, B.H.T. Chai (in Advanced Solid State Lasers, S.A. Payne, C. Pollock, editors 1996)
203 Pr:YLF, intracavity-pumped, room-temperature upconversion laser Paul W. Binum, Timothy L. Boyd, Maurice A. Pessor, Douglas H. Tanimoto, David E. Hargis (Optics Letters 1996) Part III Upconversion Fiber Lasers
Section Six
Erbium-Based Fiber Lasers
211 Efficient up-conversion pumping at 800 nm of an erbium-doped fluoride Fibre laser operating at 850 nm C.A. Millar, M.C. Brierley, M.H Hunt, S.F. Carter (Electronics Letters 1990)
213 Upconversion pumped green lasing in erbium doped fluorozirconate fibre T.J. Whitley, C.A. Millar, R. Wyatt, M.C. Brierley, D. Szebesta (Electronics Letters 1991)
216 Tunable green upconversion erbium fibre laser J.Y. Allain, M. Monerie, H. Poignant (Electronics Letters 1992)
218 CW room temperature upconversion lasing in Er3+-doped fluoride Glass fiber Kazuyuki Hirao, Shinichi Todoroki, Naohiro Soga (Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 1992)
224 Low threshold, diode pumped operation of a green, Er3+ doped Fluoride fibre laser J.F. Massicott, M.C. Brierley, R. Wyatt, S.T. Davey, D. Szebesta (Electronics Letters 1993)
226 Green upconversion erbium-doped fibre amplifiers pumped into 4I11/2: A numerical simulation Didier Pean, Paul Urquhart, Jean-Christophe Favreau (Optics Communications 1994)
236 11.7 mW green InGaAs-laser-pumped erbium fibre laser D. Piehler, D. Craven (Electronics Letters 1994)
238 Generation of intense green light through amplified spontaneous emission in Er3+-doped germanosilicate single-mode optical fiber pumped at 1.319 um D.L. Nicacio, E. A. Gouveia, A.M. Reis, N.M. Borges, A.S. Gouveia-Neto (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1994)
243 Rare earth doped fluoride fibre lasers using direct-coated dielectric motors S. Boj, F. Alard, J.-Y. Allain, H. Poignant, E. Delevaque, M. Saccoccio Y. Aubry, D. Pureur, M. Douay (Journal de Physique III 1995)
255 850 nm upconversion lasing in Er3+ dpoed Z.B.L.A. fibers A. Saissy. E. Maurice, G. Monnom, S. Staroske, G. Baxter (Journal de Physique III 1995)
Section Seven
Holmium-Based Fiber Lasers
267 Room temperature cw tunable green upconversion holmium fibre laser J.Y. Allain, M. Monerie, H. Poignant (Electronics Letters 1990)
269 Upconversion fibre lasers: comparison of theory and experiment Graham R. Atkins, Mark G. Sceats, Simon B. Poole (Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 1992)
276 Excitation spectra of the green Ho:fluorozirconate glass fiber laser D.S. Funk, S.B. Stevens, J.G. Eden (IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 1993)
280 Characterization and modeling of the holmium upconversion fiber laser D.S. Funk, S.B. Stevens, S.S. Wu, J.G. Eden (in Visible and UV Lasers, R. Scheps, editor 1994)
284 Tuning, temporal, and spectral characteristics of the green (lamda ~ 549nm), holium-doped fluorozirconate glass fiber laser David S. Funk. S.B. Stevens, S.S> Wu, J. Gary Eden (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1996)
292 Green, holmium-doped upconversion laser pumped by red semiconductor Laser D.S. Funk, J.G. Eden, J.S. Osinski, B. Lu (Electronics Letters 1997)
Section Eight
Thulium-Based Fiber Lasers
297 Blue upconversion fluorozirconate fibre laser J.Y. Allain, M. Monerie, H. Poignant (Electronics Letters 1990)
300 CW room-temperature blue upconversion fibre laser S.G. Grubb, K.W. Bennett, R.S. Cannon, W.F. Humer (Electronics Letters 1992)
302 Growth and fabrication of single crystal Yb,Tm:BaY2F8 fibres for Upconversion visible laser operation Richard H. Jarman, Alan J. Wallenberg, Robert J. Thrash (in Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Laser Host and Nonlinear Crystals II, B.H.T. Chai, editor, 1993)
310 High power upconversion lasing at 810 nm, in Tm:ZBLAN fibre M.L. Dennis, J. W. Dixon, I. Aggarwal (Electronics Letters 1994)
312 Room-temperature continuous-wave upconversion laser at
455 nm in a Tm3+ fluorozirconate fiber M.P.Le Flohic, J.Y. Allain, G.M. Stephen, G. Maze (Optics Letters 1994)
315 Thulium-doped ZBLAN blue upconversion fiber laser: theory Franck Duclos, Paul Urquhart (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1995)
324 Increased efficiency and decreased threshold in Tm:ZBLAN blue fiber laser Co-pumped by 1.1-um and 0.68-um light Genji Tohmon, Jun Ohya, Hisanao Sato, Tomoaki Uno (IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 1995)
327 Laser diode pumped 106 mW blue upconversion fiber laser S. Sanders, R.G. Waarts, D.G. Mehuys, D.F. Welch (Applied Physics Letters 1995)
330 Operation of diode laser pumped Tm3+:ZBLAN upconversion fiber Laser at 482 nm Ian J. Booth, Colin J. Mackechnie, Brian F. Ventrudo (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1996)
336 Compact, high power, modelocked upconversion laser using a Thulium-doped ZLBAN fibre L.-M. Yang, D.T. Walton, J. Nees, W. H. Weber (Electronics Letters 1996)
338 All fibre laser system with 0.1 W output power in blue spectral range H.Zellmer, S. Buteau, A. Tunnermann, H. Welling (Electronics Letters 1997)
340 Characterization and modeling of thulium:ZLBAN blue upconversion Fiber lasers R. Paschotta, P.R. Barber, A.C. Tropper, D.C. Hanna (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1997)
346 Thulium: ZLBAN blue fiber laser pumped by two wavelengths Genji Tohmon, Hisanao Sato, Jun Ohya, Tomoaki Uno (Applied Optics 1997)
352 230 mW of blue light from a thulium-doped upconversion fiber laser Rudiger Paschotta, Nick Moore, W. Andrew Clarkson, Anne C. Tropper, David C. Hanna, Gwenaele Maze (IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 1997)
Section Nine
The Tm:ZBLAN Photodarkening Problem
357 Infrared-induced photodarkening in Tm-doped fluoride fibers P.R. Barber, R. Paschotta, A.C. Tropper, D.C. Hanna (Optics Letters 1995)
360 Photoinduced absorption in thulium-doped ZLBAN fibers P. Laperle, A. Chandonnet, R. Vallee (Optics Letters 1995)
363 Photodegradation of near-infrared-pumped Tm3+-doped ZBLAN fiber upconversion lasers Ian J. Booth, Jean-Luc Archambault, Brian F. Ventrudo (Optics Letters 1996)
366 Photobleaching of thulium-doped ZBLAN fibers with visible light P. Laperle, A. Chandonnet, R. Vallee (Optics Letters 1997)
369 Photosensitivity of rare-earth-doped ZBLAN fluroide glasses Glen M. Williams, Tsung-Ein Tsai, Celia I. Merzbacher, E. Joseph Friebele (Journal of Lightwave Technology 1997)
Section Ten
Praseodymium-Based Fiber Lasers
379 CW room temperature upconversion lasing at blue, green and red Wavelengths in infrared-pumped Pr3+-doped fluoride fibre R.G. Smart, D.C. Hanna, A.C. Tropper, S.T. Davey, S.F. Carter, D. Szebesta (Electronics Letters 1991)
382 Laser-doide-pumped red and green up-conversion fibre lasers D. Piehler, D. Craven, N. Kwong, H. Zarem (Electronics Letters 1993)
384 Analysis of blue and red laser performance of the infrared-pumped Praseodymium-doped fluoride fiber laser A.C. Tropper, J.N. Carter, R.D.T. Lauder, D.C. Hanna, S.T. Davey, D. Szebesta (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1994)
392 Efficient blue Pr3+-doped fluoride fibre upconversion laser Y. Zhao, S. Poole (Electronics Letters 1994)
394 22 mW blue output pouwer from a Pr3+ fluoride fibre upconversion Laser Yuxing Zhao, Simon Fleming, Simon Poole (Optics Communications 1995)
398 Pr3+ upconversion laser performance improvement by use of Pump scavenging Yuxing Zhao (Optics Letters 1995)
401 All-solid state and all-fibre blue upconversion laser Y. Zhao, S. Fleming (Electronics Letters 1996)
403 Blue Pr3+-doped ZBLAN fiber upconversion laser D.M. Baney, G. Rankin, Kok-Wai Chaing (Optics Letters 1996)
406 A Pr3+-doped ZBLAN fibre upconversion laser pumped by an Yb3+-doped silica fibre laser H.M. Pask, A.C. Tropper, D.C. Hanna (Optics Communications 1997)
412 An analytical model for Pr3+-doped fluoride fibre for upconversion lasers Yuxing Zhao (Optics Communications 1997)
421 Theory of Pr3+-doped fluoride fiber upconversion lasers Yuxing Zhao, Simon Fleming (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1997)
435 Red upconversion Yb-sensitised Pr fluoride fibre laser pumped in 0.8 um region J.Y. Allain, M. Monerie, H. Poignant (Electronics Letters 1991)
437 Room-temperature upconversion fibre laser tunable in the red, orange, Green, and blue spectral regions Ping Xie, T.R. Gosnell (Optics Letters 1995)
440 Blue and red laser action in Nd3+:Pr3+ co-doped fluorozirconate glass S.C. Goh, R. Pattie, C. Byrne, D. Coulson (Applied Physics Letters 1995)
443 Red and orange Pr3+/Yb3+ doped ZBLAN fibre upconversion lasers D.M. Baney, L. Yang, J. Ratcliff, Kok Wai Chang (Electronics Letters 1995)
445 Simultaneous blue and green upconversion lasing in a laser-diode-pumped Pr3+/Yb3+ doped fiber laser D.M. Baney, G. Rankin, Kok Wai Chang (Applied Physics Letters 1996)
448 High-power continuous-wave upconversion fiber laser at room temperature T. Sandrock, H. Scheife, E. Heumann, G. Huber (Optics Letters 1997)
451 Visible double-clad upconversion fibre laser H. Zellmer, K. Plamann, G. Huber, H. Scheife, A. Tunnermann (Electronics Letters 1998)
Section Eleven
Neodymium-Based Fiber Lasers
455 Ultraviolet (381 nm), room temperature laser in neodymium-doped Fluorozirconate fibre D.S. Funk, J.W. Carlson, J.G. Eden (Electronics Letters 1994)
457 Room-temperature fluorozirconate glass fiber laser in the violet (412 nm) D.S. Funk, J.W. Carlson, J.G. Eden (Optics Letters 1995)
461 Appendix
463 Author Index
467 Subject Index

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