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Selected Papers on Gas Laser Technology
Editor(s): J. Gary Eden
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Date Published: 12 January 2000
Pages: 732
ISBN: 9781510604483
Volume: MS159

Table of Contents
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Section One
The Carbon Dioxide Laser
2 Selective excitation through vibrational energy transfer and optical maser action in N[2]-CO[2] C. K. N. Patel (Physical Review Letters 1964)
5 A thermally pumped CO[2] laser M. E. Fein, J. T. Verdeyen, B. E. Cherrington (Applied Physics Letters 1969)
9 Transversely excited atmospheric pressure CO[2] lasers A. J. Beaulieu (Applied Physics Letters 1970)
11 Double discharge excitation for atmospheric pressure CO[2] lasers A. K. Laflamme (Review of Scientific Instruments 1970)
15 Photoinitiated and photosustained laser H. Seguin, J. Tulip (Applied Physics Letters 1972)
17 Observation of laser oscillation in a 1-atm CO[2]-N[2]-He laser pumped by an electrically heated plasma generated via photoionization J. S. Levine, A. Javan (Applied Physics Letters 1973)
20 Investigations of a UV preionized electrical discharge and CO[2] laser O. P. Judd, J. Y. Wada (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1974)
29 Continuously tunable high-pressure CO[2] laser with uv photopreionization A. J. Alcock, K. Leopold, M. C. Richardson (Applied Physics Letters 1973)
32 Volume ultraviolet preionization from bare sparks R. V. Babcock, I. Liberman, W. D. Partlow (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1976)
38 Electron-beam-controlled electrical discharge as a method of pumping large volumes of CO[2] laser media at high pressure C. A. Fenstermacher, M. J. Nutter, W. T. Leland, K. Boyer (Applied Physics Letters 1972)
43 Large aperture CO[2] laser discharges M. C. Richardson, K. Leopold, A. J. Alcock (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1973)
49 Operation of a 15-atm electron-beam-controlled CO[2] laser N. W. Harris, F. O'Neill, W. T. Whitney (Applied Physics Letters 1974)
53 A compact sealed pulsed CO[2] TEA laser D. S. Stark, P. H. Cross, H. Foster (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1975)
58 A sealed high-repetition-rate TEA CO[2] laser P. W. Pace, M. Lacombe (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1978)
70 Cold cathodes for sealed-off CO[2] lasers U. E. Hochuli, T. P. Sciacca, Jr. (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1974)
76 CO[2] waveguide lasers T. J. Bridges, E. G. Burkhardt, P. W. Smith (Applied Physics Letters 1972)
79 Characteristics of sealed-off waveguide CO[2] lasers R. L. Abrams, W. B. Bridges (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1972)
86 Gigahertz tunable waveguide CO[2] laser R. L. Abrams (Applied Physics Letters 1974)
89 A transversely rf-excited CO[2] waveguide laser J.-L. Lachambre, J. Macfarlane, G. Otis, P. Lavigne (Applied Physics Letters 1978)
91 Waveguide gas laser with high frequency transverse discharge excitation K. D. Laakmann (U.S. Patent No. 4,169,251, 1979)
96 Transversely excited waveguide gas lasers P. W. Smith, O. R. Wood II, P. J. Maloney, C. R. Adams (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1981)
112 Life problems of dc and rf-excited low-power cw CO[2] waveguide lasers U. E. Hochuli, P .R. Haldemann (Review of Scientific Instruments 1986)
116 High pressure, high power, compact laser H. R. Schlossberg (U.S. Patent No. 4,367,554, 1983)
120 Phase locking of adjacent channel leaky waveguide CO[2] lasers D. G. Youmans (Applied Physics Letters 1984)
123 High power coupled CO[2] waveguide laser array L. A. Newman, R. A. Hart, J. T. Kennedy, A. J. Cantor, A. J. DeMaria, W. B. Bridges (Applied Physics Letters 1986)
126 Technology trends in low- to medium-power CO[2] lasers L. A. Newman, R. A. Hart (in New Developments and Applications in Gas Lasers, L.R. Carlson, editor, 1987)
137 Power scaling of large-area transverse radio frequency discharge CO[2] lasers K. M. Abramski, A. D. Colley, H. J. Baker, D. R. Hall (Applied Physics Letters 1989)
140 High-power two-dimensional waveguide CO[2] laser arrays K. M. Abramski, A. D. Colley, H. J. Baker, D. R. Hall (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1996)
150 High-output powers and long lifetimes of sealed-off CO[2] lasers W. J. Witteman (Applied Physics Letters 1967)
152 Life and parameter studies on sealed CO[2] lasers T. F. Deutsch, F. A. Horrigan (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1968)
157 Dissociation of carbon dioxide and inversion in CO[2] laser E. N. Lotkova, V. N. Ochkin, N. N. Sobolev (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1971)
164 Catalytic control of the gas chemistry of sealed TEA CO[2] lasers C. Willis, J. G. Purdon (Journal of Applied Physics 1979)
169 Sealed-off CO[2] lasers with La[1-x]Sr[x]CoO[3] oxide cathodes N. Karube, N. Iehisa, K. Fukaya, K. Matsuo (Applied Physics Letters 1983)
172 CO[2] laser performance with a distributed gold catalyst J. A. Macken, S. K. Yagnik, M. A. Samis (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1989)
181 Enhanced gain and output power of a sealed-off rf-excited CO[2] waveguide laser with gold-plated electrodes M. B. Heeman-Ilieva, Yu. B. Udalov, K. Hoen, W. J. Witteman (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
Section Two
The Rare Gas-Halide Excimer Lasers
186 Xenon fluoride laser excitation by transverse electric discharge R. Burnham, N. W. Harris, N. Djeu (Applied Physics Letters 1976)
188 Fast-discharge-initiated KrF laser D. G. Sutton, S. N. Suchard, O. L. Gibb, C. P. Wang (Applied Physics Letters 1976)
190 Efficient electric discharge lasers in XeF and KrF R. Burnham, F. X. Powell, N. Djeu (Applied Physics Letters 1976)
193 Ultraviolet-preionized discharge-pumped lasers in XeF, KrF, and ArF R. Burnham, N. Djeu (Applied Physics Letters 1976)
196 A KrF fast discharge laser in mixtures containing NF[3], N[2]F[4] or SF[6] A. J. Andrews, A. J. Kearsley, C. E. Webb, S. C. Haydon (Optics Communications 1977)
200 Efficient discharge pumping XeCl laser V. N. Ishchenko, V. N. Lisitsyn, A. M. Razhev (Optics Communications 1977)
203 Improved performance of the discharge-pumped XeCl laser R. Burnham (Optics Communications 1978)
206 A scalable multiatmosphere high-power XeF laser W. J. Sarjeant, A. J. Alcock, K. E. Leopold (Applied Physics Letters 1977)
209 Water dielectric Blumlein-driven fast-electric-discharge KrF laser J. I. Levatter, R. S. Bradford, Jr. (Applied Physics Letters 1978)
212 High-repetition-rate XeF laser with gas recycling C. P. Christensen (Applied Physics Letters 1977)
214 High-pulse-rate 10-W KrF laser T. S. Fahlen (Journal of Applied Physics 1978)
216 High-repetition-rate transverse-flow XeF laser C. P. Wang (Applied Physics Letters 1981)
219 200 W KrF gas transport laser T. S. Fahlen (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1980)
222 Operating characteristics of a high repetition rate miniature rare-gas halide laser R. C. Sze, E. Seegmiller (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1981)
233 Electrical excitation of an XeCl laser using magnetic pulse compression I. Smilanski, S. R. Byron, T. R. Burkes (Applied Physics Letters 1982)
235 Efficient discharge pumping of an XeCl laser using a high- voltage prepulse W. H. Long, Jr., M. J. Plummer, E. A. Stappaerts (Applied Physics Letters 1983)
238 High efficiency XeCl laser with spiker and magnetic isolation C. H. Fisher, M. J. Kushner, T. E. DeHart, J. P. McDaniel, R. A. Petr, J. J. Ewing (Applied Physics Letters 1986)
241 Improved lasing performance of KrCl excimer laser E. Armandillo, A. Luches, V. Nassisi, M. R. Perrone (Applied Physics Letters 1983)
243 Electric-discharge XeCl laser emitting pulses of 1 microsecond duration S. V. Mel'chenko, A. N. Panchenko, V. F. Tarasenko (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1984)
245 Ultralong optical-pulse corona preionized XeCl laser R. S. Taylor, K. E. Leopold (Journal of Applied Physics 1989)
253 High repetition rate operation of a long pulse excimer laser Y. Sato, M. Inoue, K. Haruta, H. Nagai, Y. Murai (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
255 Highest power excimer lasers E. Muller-Horsche, P. Oesterlin, D. Basting (in High- Power Gas Lasers, P.V. Avizonis et al., editors, 1990)
261 High-average power XeCl laser with x-ray pre-ionization and spiker-sustainer excitation F. A. van Goor, W. J. Witteman, J. C. M. Timmermans, J. van Spijker, J. Couperus (in High-Power Gas and Solid State Lasers, M. Bohrer et al., editors, 1994)
272 Development of a 2-kW XeCl laser with a surface corona preionization scheme and a spiker-sustainer circuit Y. Sato, M. Inoue, S. Fujikawa, Y. Saito, A. Suzuki, K. Haruta, H. Nagai (IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 1995)
286 XeF and KrF waveguide lasers excited by a capacitively coupled discharge L. A. Newman (Applied Physics Letters 1978)
289 XeF waveguide laser R. W. Waynant (Optics Letters 1978)
291 High-repetition-rate XeCl waveguide laser without gas flow C. P. Christensen, C. Gordon III, C. Moutoulas, B. J. Feldman (Optics Letters 1987)
294 A microwave-pumped XeCl* laser A. J. Mendelsohn, R. Normandin, S. E. Harris, J. F. Young (Applied Physics Letters 1981)
297 High efficiency microwave discharge XeCl laser C. P. Christensen, R. W. Waynant, B. J. Feldman (Applied Physics Letters 1985)
300 XeF-laser with longitudinal discharge excitation D. Cleschinsky, D. Dammasch, H. J. Eichler, J. Hamisch (Optics Communications 1981)
304 Spectral tuning of ArF and KrF discharge lasers T. R. Loree, K. B. Butterfield, D. L. Barker (Applied Physics Letters 1978)
307 Operating and beam characteristics, including spectral narrowing, of a TEA rare-gas halide excimer laser T. J. McKee, J. Banic, A. Jares, B. P. Stoicheff (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1979)
310 Injection-locked, narrow-band KrF discharge laser using an unstable resonator cavity J. Goldhar, J. R. Murray (Optics Letters 1977)
313 An injection-locked unstable resonator rare-gas halide discharge laser of narrow linewidth and high spatial quality J. Goldhar, W. R. Rapoport, J. R. Murray (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1980)
320 A closed-cycle gas recirculating system for rare-gas halide excimer lasers P. M. Johnson, N. Keller, R. E. Turner (Applied Physics Letters 1978)
322 The mechanism of energy decrease in the XeBr laser G. Balog, R. K. Sander, E. Seegmiller (Applied Physics Letters 1979)
324 Gas composition and lifetime studies of discharge excited rare-gas halide lasers M. C. Gower, A. J. Kearsley, C. E. Webb (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1980)
329 Lifetime extension of XeCl and KrCl lasers with additives T. J. McKee, D. J. James, W. S. Nip, R. W. Weeks, C. Willis (Applied Physics Letters 1980)
332 Selective removal of F[2] impurity from NF[3]/Xe/Ne, XeF laser mixtures A. Mandl, R. Slater, C. H. Appel (Review of Scientific Instruments 1982)
337 Analysis of chemical degradation products in an e-beam pumped rare-gas halide laser J. H. Brannon (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1982)
341 Numbers of merit in excimer laser reliability analysis L. Austin, D. Basting, H.-J. Kahlert, U. Rebhan, W. Muckenheim (in Excimer Lasers and Applications, D. Basting, editor, 1988)
Section Three
Metal and Metal-Halide Vapor Lasers: Copper, Gold, He-Cd, Metal
Ion, and HgBr
350 Efficient pulsed gas discharge lasers W. T. Walter, N. Solimene, M. Piltch, G. Gould (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1966)
356 Effective pulsed copper-vapor laser with high average generation power A. A. Isaev, M. A. Kazaryan, G. G. Petrash (JETP Letters 1972)
358 A discharge heated copper vapor laser R. S. Anderson, L. Springer, B. G. Bricks, T. W. Karras (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1975)
359 Investigation of a copper vapor pulsed laser at elevated powers A. A. Isaev, G. Yu. Lemmerman (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1977)
362 Scaling of the discharge heated copper vapor laser I. Smilanski, A. Kerman, L. A. Levin, G. Erez (Optics Communications 1978)
366 Sealed copper vapor laser P. A. Bokhan, V. N. Nikolaev, V. I. Solomonov (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1975)
369 Long-life sealed copper vapor laser V. A. Burmakin, A. N. Evtyunin, M. A. Lesnoi, V. I. Bylkin (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1978)
372 High-power, high-pressure, discharge-heated copper vapor laser I. Smilanski, G. Erez, A. Kerman, L. A. Levin (Optics Communications 1979)
377 Use of unstable resonators in achieving the diffraction divergence of the radiation emitted from high-gain pulsed gas lasers K. I. Zemskov, A. A. Isaev, M. A. Kazaryan, G. G. Petrash, S. G. Rautian (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1974)
381 Copper vapor laser unstable resonator oscillator and oscillator-amplifier characteristics R. S. Hargrove, R. Grove, T. Kan (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1979)
387 Sealed copper vapor laser assembly T. W. Alger, W. J. Benett (Review of Scientific Instruments 1982)
390 Large-bore copper-vapor lasers: kinetics and scaling issues M. J. Kushner, B. E. Warner (Journal of Applied Physics 1983)
403 Stabilization of high-power copper vapour laser S. Gabay, P. Blau, M. Lando, I. Druckman, Z. Horvitz, Y. Yfrah, I. Hen, E. Miron, I. Smilanski (Optical and Quantum Electronics 1991)
411 Influence of molecular gases on the output characteristics of a copper vapor laser Z.-G. Huang, K. Namba, F. Shimizu (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1986)
414 Improvement in the output characteristics of a large-bore copper vapor laser by hydrogen K. Hayashi, Y. Iseki, S. Suzuki, I. Watanabe, E. Noda, O. Morimiya (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1992)
417 Physicochemical and electrophysical properties of high- temperature insulating ceramics for use in elemental vapor lasers O. I. Buzhinskii, V. V. Lopatin, V. P. Chernenko (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1981)
420 Stimulated emission from a transverse discharge in copper vapor I. S. Aleksandrov, Yu. A. Babeiko, A. A. Babaev, O. I. Buzhinskii, L. A. Vasil'ev, A. V. Efimov, S. I. Krysanov, G. N. Nikolaev, A. A. Slivitskii, A. V. Sokolov, L. V. Tatarintsev, V. S. Tereshchenkov (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1976)
422 Copper superradiant emission from pulsed discharges in copper iodide vapor C. S. Liu, E. W. Sucov, L. A. Weaver (Applied Physics Letters 1973)
424 Double-discharge copper vapor laser with copper chloride as a lasant C. J. Chen, N. M. Nerheim, G. R. Russell (Applied Physics Letters 1973)
426 High-repetition-rate copper iodide laser I. Liberman, R. V. Babcock, C. S. Liu, T. V. George, L. A. Weaver (Applied Physics Letters 1974)
428 Steady multiply pulsed discharge-heated copper-vapor laser with copper halide lasant R. S. Anderson, B. G. Bricks, T. W. Karras (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1997)
430 Effect of hydrogen on CuBr laser power and efficiency D. N. Astadjov, N. V. Sabotinov, N. K. Vuchkov (Optics Communications 1985)
434 Characteristics of a copper bromide laser with flowing Ne- HBr buffer gas E. S. Livingstone, D. R. Jones, A. Maitland, C. E. Little (Optical and Quantum Electronics 1992)
444 A high-efficiency 200 W average power copper HyBrID laser D. R. Jones, A. Maitland, C. E. Little (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1994)
450 One watt average power by second harmonic and sum frequency generation from a single medium scale copper vapor laser D. W. Coutts, J. A. Piper (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1992)
454 4.7-W, 255-nm source based on second-harmonic generation of a copper vapor laser in cesium lithium borate R. I. Trickett, M. J. Withford, D. J. W. Brown (Optics Letters 1998)
457 Ultraviolet-emitting gold vapor laser S. V. Markova, G. G. Petrash, V. M. Cherezov (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1978)
459 Stable, long life cw excitation of helium-cadmium lasers by dc cataphoresis J. P. Goldsborough (Applied Physics Letters 1969)
462 Transverse-discharge slotted hollow-cathode laser W. K. Schuebel (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1970)
464 Mode locking of the He-Cd laser at 4416 and 3250 angstroms W. T. Silfvast, P. W. Smith (Applied Physics Letters 1970)
468 1 W operation of singly ionized silver and copper lasers B. E. Warner, D. C. Gerstenberger, R. D. Reid, J. R. McNeil, R. Solanki, K. B. Persson, G. J. Collins (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1978)
471 1-W cw Zn ion laser J. J. Rocca, J. D. Meyer, G. J. Collins (Applied Physics Letters 1983)
474 Mercuric bromide dissociation laser in an electric discharge E. J. Schimitschek, J. E. Celto (Optics Letters 1978)
477 Discharge pumped mercuric halide dissociation lasers R. Burnham (Applied Physics Letters 1978)
481 High efficiency 3-J mercury bromide discharge laser T. A. Znotins, C. H. Fisher, T. E. DeHart, J. P. McDaniel, J. J. Ewing (Applied Physics Letters 1985)
483 Electric-discharge ultraviolet-preionized HgBr laser with an active volume of 1 liter, and output pulse energy of 1.4 J, and an efficiency of 0.7% E. A. Petrukhin, A. S. Podsosonnyi (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1990)
486 Spectroscopy and efficiency of the [200]HgBr[81] and [64]ZnI photodissociation lasers M. N. Ediger, A. W. McCown, J. G. Eden (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1993)
489 The tunable operation of mixed mercury halide lasers A. J. Berry, C. Whitehurst, T. A. King (Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 1988)
493 Chemical control of HgBr lasers C. S. Liu, I. Liberman (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1987)
Section Four
Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Iodine, and Rare Gas Lasers
502 Continuous visible laser action in singly ionized argon, krypton, and xenon E. I. Gordon, E. F. Labuda, W. B. Bridges (Applied Physics Letters 1964)
505 Continuous-duty argon ion lasers E. F. Labuda, E. I. Gordon, R. C. Miller (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1965)
512 High-average-power xenon laser T. S. Fahlen, R. Targ (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1973)
513 High-pressure infrared Ar-Xe laser system: ionizer-sustainer mode of excitation L. A. Newman, T. A. DeTemple (Applied Physics Letters 1975)
516 New continuous wave infrared Ar-Xe laser at intermediate gas pressures pumped by a transverse radio frequency discharge Y. B. Udalov, P. J. M. Peters, M. B. Heeman-Ilieva, F. H. J. Ernst, V. N. Ochkin, W. J. Witteman (Applied Physics Letters 1993)
518 High power continuous wave atomic Xe laser with radio frequency excitation P. P. Vitruk, R. J. Morley, H. J. Baker, D. R. Hall (Applied Physics Letters 1995)
521 Demonstration of a discharge pumped table-top soft-x-ray laser J. J. Rocca, V. Shlyaptsev, F. G. Tomasel, O. D. Cortazar, D. Hartshorn, J. L. A. Chilla (Physical Review Letters 1994)
525 Vacuum-ultraviolet laser action observed in the Lyman bands of molecular hydrogen R. T. Hodgson (Physical Review Letters 1970)
528 Vacuum ultraviolet laser emission from molecular hydrogen R. W. Waynant, J. D. Shipman, Jr., R. C. Elton, A. W. Ali (Applied Physics Letters 1970)
530 Electron-beam excitation of vacuum ultraviolet hydrogen laser R. T. Hodgson, R. W. Dreyfus (Physics Letters 1972)
532 Efficient and practical hydrogen vacuum ultraviolet laser I. N. Knyazev, V. S. Letokhov, V. G. Movshev (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1975)
545 116-nm H[2] laser pumped by a traveling-wave photoionization electron source S. J. Benerofe, G.-Y. Yin, C. P. J. Barty, J. F. Young, S. E. Harris (Physical Review Letters 1991)
549 Saturation of the molecular nitrogen second positive laser transition D. A. Leonard (Applied Physics Letters 1965)
552 A simple, high power nitrogen laser D. Basting, F. P. Schafer, B. Steyer (Opto-electronics 1972)
559 High-power generation from a parallel-plates-driven pulsed nitrogen laser J. I. Levatter, S.-C. Lin (Applied Physics Letters 1974)
562 Development of a highly efficient nitrogen laser using an ultra-fast magnetic pulse compression circuit H. Seki, S. Takemori, T. Sato (IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 1995)
567 Superfluorescence in N[2] and H[2] electron-beam-stabilized discharges L. Y. Nelson, G. J. Mullaney, S. R. Byron (Applied Physics Letters 1973)
569 High-energy atomic iodine photodissociation laser A. J. DeMaria, C. J. Ultee (Applied Physics Letters 1966)
572 A closed cycle iodine laser W. Fuss, K. Hohla (Optics Communications 1976)
576 Continuously pumped continuous-flow iodine laser T. L. Andreeva, G. N. Birich, I. I. Sobel'man, V. N. Sorokin, I. I. Struk (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1977)
581 Closed-cycle gaseous alkyl-iodide (C[3]F[7]I) supply system L. A. Schlie, R. D. Rathge (Review of Scientific Instruments 1984)
585 1.8 watt cw atomic iodine photolysis laser at 1.315 micrometers L. A. Schlie, R. D. Rathge (Optics Communications 1988)
Section Five
Power Conditioning, Pumping Techniques, Preionization, and Optics
592 Improved uniform-field electrode profiles for TEA laser and high-voltage applications T. Y. Chang (Review of Scientific Instruments 1973)
595 An all solid-state magnetic pulse compressor with amorphous metals for pumping a repetition-rated KrF excimer laser H. Tanaka, M. Obara (Review of Scientific Instruments 1990)
599 Efficient design of multistage magnetic pulse compression H. Deguchi, T. Hatakeyama, E. Murata, Y. Izawa, C. Yamanaka (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1994)
604 Magnetic-spiker excitation of gas-discharge lasers R. S. Taylor, K. E. Leopold (Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 1994)
634 Traveling wave excitation of high power gas lasers J. D. Shipman, Jr. (Applied Physics Letters 1967)
636 Electron-beam-controlled discharge pumping of the KrF laser J.A. Mangano, J.H. Jacob (Applied Physics Letters 1975)
639 Megawatt VUV xenon laser employing coaxial electron-beam excitation D. J. Bradley, D. R. Hull, M. H. R. Hutchinson, M. W. McGeoch (Optics Communications 1974)
643 Compact coaxial diode electron beam system: carbon cathodes and anode fabrication techniques J. G. Eden, D. Epp (Review of Scientific Instruments 1980)
648 Intense proton-beam-pumped Ar-N[2] laser J. Golden, J. G. Eden, R. A. Mahaffey, J. A. Pasour, A. W. Ali, C. A. Kapetanakos (Applied Physics Letters 1978)
652 Transverse electrodeless RF discharge excitation of high- pressure laser gas mixtures C. P. Christensen, F. X. Powell, N. Djeu (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1980)
658 Multikilowatt electron beams for pumping cw ion lasers J. J. Rocca, J. D. Meyer, Z. Yu, M. Farrell, G. J. Collins (Applied Physics Letters 1982)
661 XeF laser with optical pumping by surface discharges V. S. Zuev, G. N. Kashnikov, S. B. Mamaev (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1992)
668 Iodine laser pumped by light from a shock front created by detonating an explosive V. P. Arzhanov, B. L. Borovich, V. S. Zuev, V. M. Kazanskii, V. A. Katulin, G. A. Kirillov, S. B. Kormer, Yu. V. Kuratov, A. I. Kuryapin, O. Yu. Nosach, M. V. Sinitsyn, Yu. Yu. Stoilov (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1992)
672 X-ray preionization for electric discharge lasers S.-C. Lin, J. I. Levatter (Applied Physics Letters 1979)
676 A waveguide gas laser P. W. Smith (Applied Physics Letters 1971)
679 Closed-cycle annular-flow-return laser R. A. Olson, B. Sarka, Jr., A. Garscadden, P. Bletzinger (Review of Scientific Instruments 1981)
684 Optical integration with screw supports D. D. Dourte, R. L. Pierce, W. J. Spawr (U.S. Patent No. 4,195,913, 1980)
695 The segmented aperture integrator in material processing R. L. Pierce (Journal of Laser Applications 1990)
701 Reactions of optical materials and coatings with gaseous F[2] V. D. Vvedenskii, L. D. Mikheev, S. I. Sagitov, V. F. Sukhoverkhov, D. B. Stavrovskii (Inorganic Materials 1987)

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