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Student Events at SPIE Photonics Europe

By Tom Guldemont

Every other year, SPIE Europe organizes one of the largest European optics conferences. Photonics Europe presents an interesting look at the photonics market in Europe and draws researchers from across the globe. In 2010, the conference will be held in Bussels, Belgium and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel SPIE student chatper has been busy preparing student events.

Photonics Career Event: Stop waffling and kickstart your career

The Career Event will take place on Tuesday, 13 April 2010, from 1 PM to 5 PM, in a room close to the SPIE Photonics Europe Exhibition.

After a plenary talk on ‘doing a good job interview,’ a multitude of premier photonics-related companies will have the opportunity to present themselves and their career opportunities via short presentations for all participants. Afterwards, the students can have a chat with the company representatives during the break-out session, where they already can apply the tips and tricks that they will have learned in the first plenary talk. The afternoon of the Career Event concludes with a reception for all attendees, including a drink and an original Belgian waffle!

Best practices for a successful future in Photonics

This event will take place on Wednesday, the April 14th 2010, from 1 PM to 5 PM and is colocated with the SPIE Photonics Europe Conference as well.

All students and early professionals working in photonics get the chance to be acquainted with the multidisciplinary opportunities (…and possible threats) of doing research in photonics. Five top-level international invited speakers will each give a unique keynote talk about their experience and expertise in topics such as scientific research, scientific communication, intellectual property rights and press relations. These talks will be organized in a consecutive manner so that you don’t have to miss any of them.

The event will be closed with a dinner in a cozy restaurant at walking distance from the convention center (subscriptions will be organized on-site). Of course, the invited speakers will be joining, so all attendees will have a great opportunity to have further discussions with the experts during informal conversations.

Look for more details in the February student newsletter.