Domínguez Juárez, Jorge Luis

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Dr. Jorge Luis Domínguez Juárez

CONACYT Research Fellow

Early Career Professional Member

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Area of Expertise: Whispering Gallery Resonator, Ultrafast Laser, Light-induced electrohydrodynamic, Non Linear Optics, Plasmonically absorbing nanofluidos, Molecular gratings
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Dr. Jorge Luis Domínguez Juárez is a member of Mexican Research National System-CONACYT (SNI) since 2016. He obtaine his Ph. D. degree at the Institute of Photonics Sciences (ICFO) in Jordi Martorell's group. At Industrial experience, he has previously held a position in a company of telecommunications in México (Avantel) and in 2010 as a laser production engineer in a specialist manufacturer of advanced solid-state instruments for laser tuning (Radiantis, ICFO`s spin-off). Also he has experience in USA working on an ultrafast laser project as a Research Assistant in the Department of Physics, at the CUNY Queens College New York. In 2014 he held a position as CONACYT Research Fellow at Applied Physics and Advanced Technology Center in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His research interests are in optical nonlinear, frequency mixing, photonic integrated circuits, electron-beam lithography, non-linear optical systems, all-semiconductor integrated parametric devices, circular microresonators, nanowires and nanofabrication. More recently, he has focused the core of his research to study the optical control provided by photonic nano-structures to energy dynamics and quantum mechanics in biologically inspired systems.
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