Reza Khorasaninejad - metalenses for the entire visible spectrum

Brelyon recently came out of stealth mode and is developing the next generation of immersive displays
22 July 2020

Reza Khorasaninejad has a unique background in technology-driven science. Both his Ph.D. and Postdoc inventions have been commercialized through two separate startups. When he was a Research Scientist at Harvard, he invented the first efficient metalens across the visible range (Khorasaninejad et al. Science 352, 2016, featured as cover article). His work on metalenses was selected by the World Economic Forum as one of the "Top Ten Emerging Technologies" of the Year 2019. Currently, as Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Brelyon Inc. he has been focused to bring some of his innovative nano-photonics solutions into the consumer product.

Brelyon recently announced the completion of a $1.6 million seed round of financing.

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