James E. Millerd: The 2020 SPIE Chandra S. Vikram Award in Optical Metrology

The SPIE Chandra S. Vikram Award in Optical Metrology recognizes exceptional contributions to the field of optical metrology, whether for a specific achievement, development, or invention of significance, or for lifetime achievement
13 November 2019
James E. Millerd wins the 2020 SPIE Chandra S. Vikram Award in Optical Metrology
Millerd, fourth from left, with his 4D Technology winning team, pictured here at the 2019 SPIE Prism Awards.

James E. Millerd has improved optical metrology in multiple areas including holographic interferometry, speckle metrology, and vibration insensitive phase-shifting interferometry. At MetroLaser, he was a principal in the development of a laser vibrometer instrument that sold worldwide; he also led the development of a dynamic interferometer that led to 4D Vision, a startup that was sold to 4D Technology where Millerd was initially chief technology officer, then president. At 4D Technology, he co-invented the Pixelated Dynamic Phase Sensor at the core of 4D's commercial dynamic interferometers, including Interference Microscopes, Fringe Projection 3D Measurement systems, Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometers, and Twyman-Green and Fizeau Interferometers.

While he has authored many papers on metrology — presenting more than 30 at SPIE conferences alone — and is the inventor or coinventor of 15 patents, even more importantly he has been key in commercializing many of these inventions: the products resulting from these inventions have transformed the way phase-shifting interferometry is performed, has reduced the need for vibration free environments, and has moved precision optical interferometry from the lab to manufacturing areas.

"Through his work and leadership as the President of 4D Technology Corporation, James is responsible for a paradigm shift in the quality and capabilities of commercially available interferometers over the past decade," says SPIE Senior Member and Arizona Optical Systems President Martin Valente. "As an end user of interferometers, I can think of no other individual in recent history who has impacted and pushed the state of the art in interferometry more than James: the many innovations that he has developed have enabled the advancement of other correlated fields including optical components and systems manufacturing and testing, modal response testing of opto-mechanical systems and dynamic structures, and ophthalmic-related diagnostics of the human eye and corrective lenses."

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