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    Publish with SPIE to share your findings, advance knowledge, progress your research career, and gain exposure in the community. Your published work becomes a relevant resource of research information for scientific, academic, professional, research and student communities.

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    Conference Proceedings Manuscript
    Find the conference that best matches your work, then follow the steps to develop a successful presentation and accompanying manuscript for the conference and for publication in the Proceedings of SPIE and the SPIE Digital Library. Present your work and report findings at some of the most important scientific conferences in the optics and photonics industry.

    Journal Article
    Access publishing instructions and find the journal that best matches your major scientific area. Research journals are peer reviewed and independently edited by acknowledged experts in their fields.

    Find instructions and steps to publish a book with SPIE. Gain visibility and exposure with scientists and engineers in optical, photonic, imaging and optoelectronic technologies. Work with experienced publishing and editorial professionals to advance your contribution in your field.