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Researcher and Librarian Benefits

Benefits to librarians:

  • Personal admin site to view subscription details, access COUNTER reports, and manage passwords
  • Display institutional logo on home page
  • Dedicated Librarian page on platform for links to admin site, announcements, contact information, training resources, and promotional materials
  • Free promotional materials for subscribing institutions
  • Secure, reliable database hosted by Silverchair
  • Online usage statistics that are COUNTER II compliant
  • Excellent customer support
  • MARC records available through OCLC
  • Archive of content from subscription year
  • Co-branding availability
  • No concurrent user restrictions
  • Convenient reference linking

Benefits to researchers and engineers:

  • SPIE Optics & Photonics taxonomy, coupled with semantic technology, helps the engineer discover related content of the greatest interest and obtain the most relevant search results
  • Browse content in 120+ subject areas and easily find the most recent publications - cross-cut all proceedings, journal, and book content based on topical interests
  • Mobile-optimized for phones and tablets, whether in or outside of the subscribing institution
  • SPIE.org author profile links to gain a quick overview of the publication record, society activities, and authors' accomplishments
  • Enhance understanding of content with conference video links to presentations directly within the proceedings article page
  • Customize page display, save figures and tables of interest, manage email alerts, view a summary of subscriptions and article access, and activate mobile access by creating a personal login
  • One username and password to access all SPIE affiliated websites
  • Unlimited downloads
  • IP authentication – no user name to remember
  • Desktop access from work or home using a proxy server
  • Powerful searching tools
  • Proceedings browsing by tables of content, abstracts, year, volume number, title, symposium, and technology area
  • New content added daily
  • Full-text papers in PDF and HTML (Journals and recent proceedings)
  • Reference linking via CrossRef – SPIE is a member of CrossRef
  • Email alerts for the latest published articles in specific areas of interest
  • Citation metadata (BibTeX, Endnote, Plaintext) available for easy download
  • Article collections for sharing and group collaboration

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