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Books by Technology

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Optical Design and Engineering (225)

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Practical Optical Dimensional Metrology
Member: $57.80
Non-member: $68.00
Opto-structural Analysis
Member: $83.30
Non-member: $98.00
Field Guide to Infrared Systems, Detectors, and FPAs, Third Edition
Field Guides to Infrared Science and Technology: 2-Volume Set (Vols. FG39 and FG40)
Field Guide to Infrared Optics, Materials, and Radiometry
Designing Optics Using CODE V
Field Guide to Crystal Growth
3D Printing of Optics
Introduction to Panoramic Lenses
Member: $26.35
Non-member: $31.00
Optimization in Lens Design
Member: $26.35
Non-member: $31.00
Systems Engineering for Astronomical Telescopes
Antimonide-based Infrared Detectors: A New Perspective
EUV Lithography, Second Edition
Member: $102.00
Non-member: $120.00
GPU Acceleration for Optical Measurement
Fiber Bragg Gratings: Theory, Fabrication, and Applications
Infrared Antennas and Resonant Structures
Understanding Optical Systems through Theory and Case Studies
Sijiong Zhang, Changwei Li, Shun Li
Member: $58.65
Non-member: $69.00
How to Shape Light with Spatial Light Modulators
Computing the Flow of Light: Nonstandard FDTD Methodologies for Photonics Design
Digital Holographic Microscopes: Design, Characterization, and Image Reconstruction
Optics in the Air: Observing Optical Phenomena through Airplane Windows
Single Optical Imaging Elements
Member: $26.35
Non-member: $31.00
Optics Inspections and Tests: A Guide for Optics Inspectors and Designers
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