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Bar-Cohen, Yoseph

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Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen

Group Supervisor/Senior Research Scientist
Jet Propulsion Lab
Fellow Member

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Area of Expertise: Electro-active Polymers, Biomimetics, Piezoelectric driven mechanisms, Ultrasonic NDE
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Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen is a Senior Research Scientist and Group Supervisor at JPL. He is also a Fellow of two technical societies, SPIE and ASNT. In his NDEAA lab (, which he established in 1991, many novel methods and mechanisms were developed. He received his Ph. D. in Physics (1979) from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. He (co)authored over 380 publications, has 32-registered patents, he is the Editor and coauthor of 9 books, and he chaired (co)Chaired 48 Conferences and Symposia. He made two notable discoveries of ultrasonic wave phenomena in composite materials: the leaky Lamb waves (LLW) (1983) and the polar backscattering (1983). He is the initiator of the SPIE Conf. on electroactive polymers (EAP), chairing it since 1999, and his challenge wrestling match between an arm driven by EAP and human has become an annual highlight. In April 2003, Business Week named him as one of five technology gurus who are "Pushing Tech's Boundaries." Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). His scientific, engineering and technology accomplishments and leadership have earned him two NASA Honor Award Medals - NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal (2001), and NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement (2006), the JPL’s Magellan Award (2016) for extraordinary work in advancing the field of electroactive materials and mechanisms, two SPIE’s Lifetime Achievement Awards – NDE (2001) and Smart Materials and Structures (2005), the ASNT’s 2002 Lester Honor Lecture Award, the 2006

Visiting Lecturer Titles:
Biomimetics - Biologically Inspired Technologies.
Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Actuators as Artificial Muscles - Reality, Potential and Challenges
Humanlike Robots.
Planetary Sample Handling Using the Ultrasonic/Sonic Driller/Corer (USDC) Mechanism.
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